Under Construction

Welcome to my blog. It’s not quite all together yet, but really, I expect it to be in something of a continual state of reinvention as I myself grow and learn.

Now, a little about me and what you might find on this blog. I’m a user experience (ux) gal who spends a good portion of time trying to help make life online a little less painful for our users. It is inevitable that there will be posts related to ux. I also do lia sophia jewelry and Partylite so those will pop up. Outside of that? My ‘free’ time is filled with everything from community theatre to baking to jewelry making so all of those will wander into my posts as well.

For example, I live in a downtown apartment, but I have a garden in my kitchen. This year I planted spinach, roma tomatoes, green beans, chamomile and dill to go with the green pepper plants I already have.

Along with my veggies I have a fern, Japanese Peace Lily and an orchid with lovely blossoms.

I am quite fond of my little garden and constantly amazed by it’s tenacity. One of the pepper plants is over six ft now and, while I have kept the others down so they’ll produce fruit, I’m curious to see just how tall it will grow.

That’s it for now. Feel free to post inquiries and comments. More will be coming soon.