The Great Penguin Obliteration

I would say that Lisa and I shouldn’t be left alone on Fridays to plot, but things like the coffee cup shenanigans and today’s penguin obliteration have both come with encouragement from other co-workers who are present at the time. So, up until today if you had walked through the development side of our building on just about every whiteboard you might have noticed a small caped penguin. I am told he is Tux the Linux penguin and that he is waging a war against the marmots. Marmot’s for those of you who may not be familiar with them, are a type of rodent and include animals such as squirrels and groundhogs. Our company mascot is Ce Marmot and we even celebrate Marmot Day.

The Penguins vs. Marmots battle predates my time here, but there seems to be some intensity to it. Today the battle increased in depth with the introduction of the caped vampire spork.

The War Room Vampire Spork

I inquired if he had a name and this is the response I got:

From @firstcrusader

@AlainaRachelle The spork is a creature of such awesome power that one ought never say its name aloud. You know, like Voldemort.

During lunch today he began to wage a war against the penguin population.

There was once a penguin here

He takes his cape off to avoid the mess

At first the penguin’s master seemed not to have noticed but then these began to show up. Apparently the penguins are kicking up their defenses.

Why is he looking for the rum? Hmmm...

One even showed up in Marketing, where Lisa lives.

Doesn't he look stern?

But this is far from over. The Spork still keeps watch over the War Room and has even sent an emissary to keep watch over marketing as well, cleverly disguised as a part of the newsletter template.

Emissary of the Spork

Today is almost over, but the great Spork vs. Penguin war has only just begun…


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