Upcoming Trends and How to Choose What’s Right for You

So it’s taken me a little bit of time, but I’ve finally made it back to Clinton Kelly’s speech and what he had to say about trends. I’ve also got an overview of several trends forecast for this fall and how the pieces from the fall/winter 2010 lia sophia catalog can accessorize them.

First, some questions from Clinton Kelly to ask yourself before buying into a trend…

1. Does this trend show a lot of cleavage?

2. Does this trend show a lot of leg?

3. Is the navel involved at all?

4. Is this the kind of trend that a hooker would use for marketing?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, especially the last, there’s a good chance it is not the trend your looking for. The most important thing (besides not looking like a hooker) is to do a gut check on whether or not the trend is age appropriate. According to Clinton if you’re asking if you’re too old for the trend you probably are.

Clinton Kelly's ClosetMiss the first part of Clinton’s keynote? Find it here.

Now that we’ve got the rules, how about the trends themselves?

I won’t call myself an expert but I did do some research and reading on the trends being seen on the runway and forecast for this fall. I’m going to cover six of them here today.


The classic fifties look of hour glass shapes and mid-length skirts is back (thank you Mad Men). Pearls are a great accessory for this look and we have several options one being the Ryne set. It has that fifties glamour while also bringing in a modern touch with the chain layers and black pearls.


Color is in and I don’t mean pastels. Even the pale hues are rich, saturated tones. Shades of olive green are one definite favorite. Here’s an article I particularly liked on the subject.

With accessories there are a few ways to approach color.

1) Choose something that shares a tone with what you’re wearing. For example the Herb Garden necklace features several shades and finishes of green so could be versatile with several outfits.

2) Choose something that complements the color.

3) Go with metallics, they’re neutral. The Multiplicity bracelet set, for example can be worn with pretty much anything and can be mixed and matched if you want to go more towards one tonal family or the other.


Classic suiting and menswear has also been featured widely as well. Jewelry is a great way to personalize suiting whether it be keeping clean lines with something like the Identity set, going a little different like the Eclipse necklace or choosing a signature set like Jenny.


Black is back and, as we all know, black is versatile. Whether your style is cutting edge or classic, black is a great canvas for accessorizing. Bring in a touch of that color trend with the Chianti necklace, bring in the bling with the Multi-Strand Hematite necklace or go simple with Reflection.


This look shows up under a few different descriptions, but if an earthy, breezy style in your thing then you’ll love the Indian Summer bracelet and Sonora necklace with their natural stones and matte metals.


Texture is appearing in multiple forms – tweed, velvet, lace. Complement these textures without overpowering tham with simple pairings Moonlight Waltz with velvet or the Trance bracelet with lace.  Texture can also be added to an outfit through accessories like the Discotheque earrings or Gold Coast necklace.

That’s it from me for now.

Do you have a fall trend you’ve fallen in love with? Or perhaps a specific piece of jewelry that you already know is going to be your go to piece this fall?

Also – don’t forget to share your top five favorites from the new lia sophia catalog by the 14th for a chance to win in the Bling Giveaway.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. thestylefile7
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 14:37:01

    Hey! My favorite fall trend right now is the rich colors like olive, burgundy, and gold. I think these colors are amazing and look great on everyone!!
    Thanks for the list of trends. Loved the ideas!!


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