Yes, I am a Star Wars Geek

Unfortunately, I am not a Star Wars geek* currently present at Star Wars Celebration V. I actually do have a friend who is there right now and did not share his destination when he mentioned going out of town. He will hear about this later.

In lieu of my physical presence there, I have been catching a few blogs about what has been going on from the front lines (though not the friend who is there…). In particular I’ve been following Jen of (also of Cakewrecks) and she has been posting pictures of some awesome costumes being worn by fans including both the insanely amazing and the amusing ones like the storm trooper Mexican wrestler and pimp Vader.

As a fan and a costumer, well, please excuse the drool on my keyboard.

Being the type to share my excitement with others, I felt that you all should be able to enjoy these amazing costumes (and other sights) as well so here are links to the posts she’s put up thus far.

Day 1, Part 1

Day 1, Part 2

Day 2, Part 1

Day 2, Part 2

Also, I think I need some of Katie Cook’s original art cards. I mean, did you see the Yoda? How cute is he? And Chewbacca? Totally want to take him home with me and bake him cookies.

*I generally use the term ‘geek’ to refer to myself, but am more of a geek with nerdish tendencies. Both the geek and nerd just seem to become more obvious to me as I get older. I have a feeling I was really just oblivious to their true extent when I was younger. If you are curious which of these may fit you better there is a nice article over at Wiki-how on the subject. You can find a link here.


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