A Review in Brief

I know it. I’ve been a bad, bad blogger these past couple of weeks. I promise, my lack of posting is not because of a lack of things to write on but instead due to an excess of things to do. So what exactly has been going on? I’ll give you an overview of the major events.


Two weeks ago, the 14th, I attended a management seminar for lia sophia at which one of the wonderful folks from home office spoke.


On the 16th I traversed in the opposite direction to Okemos (just outside of Lansing) to attend IxDA Lansing’s kick-off event where we heard Dan Klyn speak on Information Architecture. IxDA, by the by, stands for Interaction Designer’s Association. The Lansing chapter is the first in Michigan.


The next morning, the 17th, I received word that my grandmother passed away. I left work early and headed down to my parents to be with and support my mom.

I was supposed to volunteer at Bluesfest the next day, but they understood why I was not going to make it. I headed home late the 19th.


The 20th was the popcorn kick-off for Pack 89, which I almost forgot about, and I met my Webelos den for the first time. I also caught the season premiere of Chuck. This is of note because my TV doesn’t actually get channels, so I had to go to the gym to catch it.


The 21st I received word that I would be in Detroit on Thursday and Friday as an extra for Transformers 3. I also came to the realization that I was on the verge of a panic attack due to the added stress from my grandmother’s death and the rest of the family traveling to Louisiana for her memorial service on the 22nd. I’m generally a pretty mellow person, passionate yes, but fairly calm, so it was a very strange feeling for me.


Because of all of this I took my office up on a bereavement day on the 22nd. I slept in, de-stressed and pulled together all of the materials for the Art Walk I was supposed to participate in on Friday, but would now be in Detroit for and was being covered for me by my good friend Holly.

I also attended the concert of my friends and fellow Union University alumi, Scratch Track, otherwise known as DJ Lee and Jason Hamlin. Since we hadn’t seen each other in person in 5 years, we hung out at Blackstone’s in Flint after the show. Where I met several of their other friends, family and a new band member, Danny.


I spent the night at my parent’s place since it’s closer to Detroit and hung out with my furry siblings, Buddy and Missy, who were feeling very deprived in my parent’s absence then headed down to Detroit. I signed a non-disclosure agreement as an extra so I can’t really say much beyond that it was very cool and I met some awesome peeps.


On a massive three hours of sleep I headed back the next morning then proceeded to do a lot of running. After we finished up for the night (about 14 hours later) I hung out with several of the stunt crew and another extra at The Town Pump, the Centaur and another place that I didn’t catch the name of but is supposed to have great Chicken Shwarma in downtown Detroit. By the time I got home it was about 3 am. I had a lot of caffeine that day.


Theoretically, I could have gotten online on Saturday, but instead I slept. My bed and I were very close this past weekend. We’d missed each other. The only things I got up for were hanging out with Holly to eat junk food/watch Whip It and go to church. I meant to get an oil change, but then I recalled I live in a small semi-rural town where most oil change places are open on Sunday.


So, that’s been my last week and a half or so. I also have started working on Indigo Dreams Design, a site in progress for my photography, handmade jewelry, etc. It’s far from done, but I’ve made some progress with it. Feel free to stop in, just keep in mind that there’s still a lot of missing beams and dust in that construction.

Blast, before I forget (again and this is why I’ve been such a very, very bad blogger), the lovely and talented Mrs. Humble over at Not So Humble Pie was kind enough to share my Tiramisu Brain and a school of fish cookies I made for my brother’s birthday in her Science Cookie Roundup #7.

Thank you, Mrs. Humble!

Tonight is the Fall Showcase for lia sophia and Partylite at Guido’s Coffee Lounge. If you live in the area feel free to stop by, check things out and chill for a bit. There’s more information in this post. After that maybe things will calm down a bit. We’ll see.


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