5 Things I Love – Oct 11

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Yogurtrush’s Tart Frozen Yogurt
I actually meant to put this in last week’s list, but it slipped my mind. I got to try this tasty frozen confection at Amer’s Cafe in the University of Michigan’s University Union and it was great. It was not too sweet with a bit of tartness that complemented the kiwi, blackberries and crushed waffle pits perfectly.

2. The new NaNoWriMo merch
Like the NaNoWriMo ‘chirp’ keychain for $5 and the ‘misfit’ hoodies for $20 (half the regular price). Of course, I’d still love to add the typewriter poster to my NaNoWriMo poster collection and as a combo Scouts/Wrimo those merit badges will one day come home to me.

3. Fall Color
It’s that time of year when the trees go aflame with the colors of autumn. The sun filtering through the yellow, orange and red leaves is a sight that pictures just can’t do justice to.

4. Chuck
I know there are mixed feelings out there as with any T.V. show, but cute nerd spy show? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am as solidly in their demographic as one can get and I’m okay with that ;)

Besides, it gives me a really good reason to hit the gym every Monday night…

5. Work Day Walks
At our office we have 11 am & 3 pm slotted as walking times where everyone is encouraged to get out of the office and take a loop through the local neighborhood. It’s healthy, a great time to bond with co-workers and it helps with my office ADD (I really don’t sit still well).


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