Wedding Bells & Skeletons

First comes love, then comes marriage, then come office shenanigans while you’re on your honeymoon…

full room view of this particular shenanigan

So, one of our managers (not mine, though we’ve been friends since before I started working with my current employer) recently got married and, of course, in his absence shenanigans ensued.

We initially were just going to do cheesy wedding decorations, which we fulfilled with dollar store wedding bells and doves.

folding paper bell garland

Bell garland wrapped around the phone handle

The great thing about shopping at the dollar store (aside from inexpensive shenanigans) is that you never know what you’ll find. The doves, for instance were not in our original discussions, but were a lovely addition.

wedding favor doves scattered across the computer keyboard

wedding favor doves scattered amidst stormtroopers

We couldn’t just leave it at that though. I mean, this is the guy who is the actual owner of the Zombie Survival Guide cards that live in Marketing, and Halloween isn’t far off. It started with a large skull tempting my partner in shenaniganizing, but we opted for the smaller bag or skulls due to their potential diversity.

plastic skull between two rhinos

The glittery spider was another addition, with added appeal in that Twilight’s sparkling glampires had been a topic of conversation that day. (We found out one of the guys in the office is totally Team Edward after I stumbled across the shirtless Jacob Barbie.)

glittery spider and the doves face off on the desktop

Then we saw the garland of skeletons. What better to complement wedding bells?

mixed garlands of skeletons & wedding bells

I actually bought this garland last year for a Scouting event and can say from personal experience that they don’t survive impact very well. These fellows should be pretty safe in their current position.

Of course, I think the best part was this morning, when this tweet appeared on my computer on the opposite side of the building:

twitter quote 'You put a skull in my coffee cup?"

Yes. Yes, we did.


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