5 Things I Love – Oct 25

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Kroger.com Coupons

I’m not a manic coupon clipper, but sometime in the last year or so Kroger did some updates to their website and I love, love, love their coupon section. Not only do they have coupons that you can print off but they also have loadable coupons that you can put on your Kroger card. Between these, the coupons that print at the register and shopping their specials I end up saving 10-30% a trip.

2. Karaoke

For all the time I have dedicated in my life to singing, up until August’s Epic Tweet-Up I had karaoked a massive once. Not that I had anything against it, my friends and I just never managed to take it from a discussion to actually doing karaoke somewhere. Well, this past weekend my friends had karaoke at their wedding reception and I have no doubt I’ll be returning to that microphone soon ;)

3. Lemonade

By which I do not mean the beverage. I do love to drink lemonade, especially mixed with iced tea, but what I’m really referring to is the documentary on Detroit. The trailer is awesome and they’re getting community support to produce the documentary by letting supporters purchase frames at $1 a piece. Get involved here.

4. Hulu

I know this often comes as a shock to people initially, but I don’t actually get any channels on my television. Thankfully, I’ve got Hulu to help keep me up to date on the latest in some of my favorite shows – like Chuck and Bones. Unfortunately, it did eat part of my life this weekend, but at least I can say I’m caught up on my viewing…

5. Apple Customer Service

I am not the avid Apple fanperson in our office. That designation is reserved for my co-worker across the cubicle, but I am a fan of their customer service folks. I’ve called twice in the last few months due to an issue with my trackpad and both reps I’ve spoken to have been nice, well-spoken and helpful individuals. They’re also super fast on sending you a box for service. I spoke with them on Friday afternoon and my box was marked for a Saturday arrival (too bad there was no one at the office to receive it).


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