NaNoWriMo: Filling in the Gaps

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We’ve sailed past the halfway mark now and landed at just about every point along the writing path. Some have already hit their goal for this month, some are behind and some are just where they planned on being.

Good job to all you Wrimos still going for the goal (or having already surpassed it)! No matter where you end up at the end of the month in word count you’re a winner as long as you don’t give up. Life happens to us all. I know it certainly has happened for me this month.

On to tips for week three.

Hopefully at this point you’ve got an idea of where your plot is headed. If not, stop reading this post and take care of that. For everyone else, there’s a good chance that unless you are a strictly chronological writer you’ve done a bit of skipping around. Not necessarily massive leaps across the storyline, but smaller scenes that add to the overall story without being major plot points have been left in the dust of your writing.

Now is the time to revisit those and, no, I don’t mean edit them. Instead I am talking about those conversations that are all dialog and no context or the battle that is all clanging swords and no emotion. Be aware of your pacing in these places – don’t bog it down – but don’t leave them as bare bones either.

Other gaps may be between major scenes. Your MCs (main characters) rushed off from one major mess into another. Is there room for a quiet night in the journey to contrast the rushing with something a little different? Contrast is as important in writing as it is in any other art. Without the dark, would we know what light is? If everything is full of sorrow, how can we know that happiness is even possible? Of course, the reverse of all of those is true as well.

So, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, take a few minutes and review – not edit! – your story thus far to find the unfinished gems you may have missed in the initial writing rush.

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