NaNoWriMo: Going for the finish

Three more days. Wow. This month has just flown past. At least it has for me.

Entering into these last few days the pressure is on to get those last words in before midnight on the 30th, but perhaps the inspiration just is not there.

Sometimes our characters reveal some facet that gets the creative juices flowing. My MC (main character) just revealed that he is, in fact, a spymaster in training. As the fourth son of a king it is not as if he is actually expected to ever take the throne. This one fact gives me a whole patch of raw material I can dip my fingers into, no, grasp whole-handedly to help make up my word count gap.

This is not always the case though, so here are a few other ideas of great things that can help your word count. Most of them can even provide you with helpful insights into your characters.

Describe an important place or character.

We have all read one of those stories where the writer just got a bit too caught up in their adjectives and descriptions. I am always reminded of The Scarlet Letter and that entire chapter devoted to a parade. That in mind, these descriptions may not make draft two or three, but the information is still good to have for reference so go ahead and give those characters and places some fine descriptive text.

Write a flashback.

Again, this may or may not end up staying in, but choose an important point in your characters life previous to your storyline and have them remember it. Maybe it is the death of parents like Bruce Wayne’s memories in Batman or a first love or even the first time the character ever had dark chocolate. Sometimes those little moments can be life altering.

Flesh out a conversation.

I do not know about you, but when I write out a conversation a lot of times I do a good bit of dialog and only put in the most important actions and emotions of my characters because I am more concerned with the flow of conversation then the rest at that moment. Putting the rest of it in there is not only helpful to getting the full feeling of the conversation but it also can add a nice bit to your word count.


If flashbacks help to see where your characters are coming from, daydreams help to show where they wish to go. Both are important.

The steamy scene.

This is something of a running joke in our region. Need words? Follow in the footsteps of a lot of those well known romance authors. One of our writers told me a few weeks ago that in a previous NaNo she got 5,000 words that way. Another told me she had done it but would never be able to show it to her mother and it was going away in her first revision. With as much as we joke about it I could not help but put in it the list.

Any other hot tips for word counts? Feel free to share them below.


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