5 Things I Love – Dec 27

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Time with Family

I am blessed to have a very close immediate family, so we always enjoy when we are able to spend time in each others’ company. We were short one member in body this Christmas, but (with the help of Skype) were able to share the holiday in spite of that.

2. Skype

With my little brother not making it home for Christmas, I finally went on and created an account so that we could share Christmas Eve and morning with him from afar. I was supposed to get Skype ages ago to talk to my exchange daughter when she went back to Germany, but as my various forms of computing changed I never got that far. Now, not only can I finally talk to Miriam, but I can also catch my brothers face to face as well.

One Note: If you are installing Skype on a laptop with a built-in microphone, make sure to change your settings to accomodate that because (as we discovered after much toggling of computer settings) Skype defaults to an external mic.

3. World of Goo

In the final hours of the Humble Indie Bundle #2 special (a fundraiser for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity), I finally succumbed to temptation. At that point they had sweetened the deal with Humble Indie Bundle #1 if you donated above the average. World of Goo is the only game I’ve downloaded so far but I am already addicted. Hours of my life have been sucked into building goo structures.

4. so hooked on Carmella eau de toilette

I know I mentioned this on my holiday wishlist post and I generally am trying not to repeat myself on 5 Things I Love, but I received a bottle of it for Christmas and it is totally living up to my initial impressions.

5. Vintage Sports Apparel

On Christmas Eve my older brother, father and I sallied forth to the mall to finish up some shopping for my mother. Considering my company it should come as no surprise that we ended up at Gameday Detroit as long as we were there. I did not purchase anything for myself (though I was tempted), but the vintage apparel that has appeared since our last visit is awesome. I would actually wear the Lion’s t-shirt(this one too) or Tiger’s hoodie. I also LOVE the Old-Time Hockey lace-up hoodies – both the Original Six and the Redwings.


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