The Scents of Spring: Partylite Winter/Spring 2011 Fragrances

Image for the Forbidden Fruit line representing it's sultry mystery taken from the 2011 Winter Spring Partylite Catalog

Just a little over a week ago the latest Partylite catalog went live including 3 new collections. Technically this new catalog is the Partylite Winter/Spring 2011 collection, but the new fragrances scream spring to me with their fruits and florals. You can see for yourself with this overview of the new and returning Partylite fragrances for this Winter/Spring season.

Forbidden Fruits

Indulge your fragrance fantasies with Forbidden Fruits…

Apple Allure
Fruits & Citrus
Juicy apple is mingled with sparkling fruits, flirtatious florals and provocative musk. As tempting as the fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Fig Fatale
Fruits & Citrus
This irresistible blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla is deliciously rich. Fall under fig’s captivating spell.

Passion Fruit
Fruits & Citrus
An exotic and effervescent blend of sun-ripened passion fruit, wild island berries and sparkling champagne. Its luscious ripe scent arouses the senses.

Perfect Pear
Fruits & Citrus
Anjou pear and crisp delicious apple are layered with creamy vanilla and juicy red berries in this succulent fragrance. Creates an exciting, stirring sensation.

Plum Pleasure
Fruits & Citrus
Sweet, plump plums, black cherries and red raspberries are warmed with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Give in to your passion.

Natural Rituals

Herbal & Woodsy
A naturally soothing union of comforting lavender and peace inducing rosemary. Positively quiets the mind and relaxes the soul.

Fruits & Citrus
Stimulating blend of sparkling grapefruit, eye-opening citrus and refreshing mint is enhanced with natural spearmint. Feel recharged and ready to go.

Herbal & Woodsy
An inspiring potpourri of warm sandalwood, soothing eucalyptus and calming geranium unfolds with nuances of lemon and herbs. Sets the stage for a peaceful, contemplative journey.

Fruits & Citrus
Spicy ginger pairs with the vibrant notes of refreshing lemongrass and zesty lemon for a lively air. It’s the perfect way to awaken your senses.


Mesmerizes with its sumptuous blend of cinnamon-warmed citrus and precious florals, touched with notes of amber, creamy vanilla, musk and patchouli. Wraps your room in a comforting, plush embrace.

A luxurious fusion of sparkling mandarin, crisp apple and fresh floral notes, softened with hints of vanilla and sandalwood. Fills your home with an aura of modern sophistication.

Herbal & Woodsy
An alluring blend of rare herbs and citrus, mingled with sultry spices, black pepper, amber, cedarwood and musk. Dramatic and rich, it exudes an exotic, almost mysterious air.

The rest of the new additions…

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossoms are delicately blended with jasmine, freesia and a whisper of fruit for a romantic, dewy fragrance. As fresh as a new spring day.

Dulche De Leche
Edible & Spicy
Sweetened milk is slowly simmered to create this rich caramel confection that is enjoyed all over the world. Creamy, decadent…just plain irresistible.

Sea Salt & Driftwood
Fresh & Clean
The scent of salty air blends with watery notes and warm driftwood for a clean and calming fragrance. Like a shower of sea spray, gently misting the coastal air.

White Lily
The pure, soft scents of jasmine, ylang and rose are entwined with hints of bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood for added richness. It’s a soft, tender air that’s just right for the warmer seasons.

Wild Rose
A romantic bouquet of rose petals enhanced with fruit and floral notes and a touch of musk. Captures the scent of wild roses in full, glorious bloom.

And for those whose noses remember the scents of the past (& those who don’t as well), here are the fragrances that will be returning this winter…

10 Limited Edition Classics

Fruits & Citrus
Harmonious blend of crisp citrus notes with floral and green notes. Brings a zesty freshness to your rooms.

Fruits & Citrus
Favorite grape scent warmed by vanilla is kept fresh by the presence of light fruit and floral notes. Be transported to a vineyard at harvest time.

Black Cherry
Fruits & Citrus
Intense fruity fragrance delivers the full-bodied sweetness of black cherries. Takes you to an orchard where they are found in abundance.

Teakwood & Cardamom
Herbal & Woodsy
Woody blend of sandalwood and patchouli combines with the warming notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Enchants with an earthy, exotic flair.

Coconut Cove
Fruits & Citrus
A true coconut fragrance with just a touch of fruity flavor and musk. Fresh from the shores of a tropical beach.

Cedar Patchouli
Herbal & Woodsy
Earthy aromatics cedar blends with the sensual notes of patchouli and florals. Like standing in a freshly-cut clearing deep in the woods.

A light, breezy bouquet of old-fashioned flowers gathered in Grandma’s backyard.

Caramel Pear Brulee
Edible & Spicy
A buttery, caramel treat bubbling with juicy pear notes soaked in the warmth of brandy. Indulge in the richness.

Amber Dream
Herbal & Woodsy
An alluring blend of rich sandalwood, amber and musk is lightened by a touch of pine and florals. Draws you in with its warm sensual notes.

Fruits & Citrus
A medley of watery accents and white grapes surrounds a juicy heart of raspberry in this classic fragrance. Naturally uplifting and refreshing.

Seasonal favorites beyond the 10…

Fruits & Citrus

Mango Tangerine
Island Nectar


Apricot Daisy

Edible & Spicy

Icing on the Cake

Fresh & Clean

Ocean Mist

And lastly…

Departing on December 31, 2010

These are the fragrances that will be leaving us as of midnight this Friday

Fruits & Citrus

Iced Snowberries
Tangelo Mojito
Acai Berry Mist
Cranberry Delight
Sugar Plum Fairies


Peace on Earth

Edible & Spicy

Cinnamon Eggnog
Holiday Spices
Hocus Pocus
Leaves of Fun
Halloween Night
Spiced Cider
Cinnamon & Bayberry
Peppermint Bark
Cinnamon Sticks

Herbal & Woodsy

Spruce in the Snow
Tamboti Safari (check out Tamboti in the Signature Fragrances)

Fresh & Clean

Arctic Ocean

Have a question about a fragrance? Wondering if your favorite one stuck around? Feel free to ask below or via email :)


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  1. If you don't know who this is, you've got problems
    Dec 30, 2010 @ 10:12:42

    Ooh… I may have to stock up on the Cedar Patchouli.


    • alainarkraus
      Dec 31, 2010 @ 14:13:19

      LOL. Nice name there ;)

      I had wondered as I was typing this up what kind of fragrances you liked. I know we discussed candles before, but I don’t think there have been any burning at any point when I’ve been over.


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