lia sophia Countdown: Eclectic Metal Mixtures

Cover of the 2011 Spring Summer lia sophia catalog

19 days and counting… until the new 2011 Spring/Summer lia sophia catalog is available!

Eclectic Metal Mixtures

and artistic shapes help create your own personal statement…

One of the great things about metal mixtures is that metals are neutrals – you can mix and match them with pieces throughout your clothing wardrobe. They also come in a variety of styles so you can pick the ones that best match your personal style.


Improv necklace from the 2011 Spring Summer lia sophia catalog

In every catalog we have one piece that is designated our Dress For Success piece. Whenever that piece is purchased a potion of the purchase goes to support the Dress For Success program. So not only do you get a fun and versatile necklace that combines silver and gold with hot hematite when you purchase this necklace, but you help a great cause as well.

Necklace: $98

Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer bracelet from the 2011 Spring Summer lia sophia catalog

Joining the Day Dreamer necklace and earrings that are already in the lia sophia collection, this bracelet continues the free-spirited fun with etched hearts in three antique metals proclaiming love to the world.

Bracelet: $68


Tri ring set from the 2011 Spring Summer lia sophia catalog

Not only are these rings super cute with their crystals set into antiqued metals as well as being totally in line with the stacking trend going on in the jewelry world right now, but they’re a great deal for the budget conscious fashionista.

3 ring set: $48

Bonus! Riventing

Riveting bracelet from the 2011 Spring Summer lia sohia catalog

In just about every catalog there are one or two items that reflect Red Carpet Collection aesthetic and this is one of those pieces. Echoing some of the pyramid shapes we see in the Lanaya collection only with the enamel that appears in la belle rose II (as well as several previous collections) instead of the black diamond crystals featured so prominently there. It’s also a lot more friendly for your pocketbook being less than half the price of most Red Carpet bracelets and available as a hostess bonus item as well.

Bracelet: $160 ($30 Hostess Bonus item)

As always with lia sophia, all of these pieces qualify for the Customer Save Plan (Buy 2, Get a 3rd more expensive at 1/2price). Unless marked otherwise, they also all would fall into the $15 hostess bonus range.

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Images are all property of lia sophia.

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