5 Things I Love – Jan 17

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. “Winter Skin” by Jars of Clay

When it comes to winter music almost all of it is somehow holiday related (barring “Winter Wonderland”) so I find it very refreshing that Jars of Clay included this and “Hibernation Day” – another favorite of mine – on their Christmas Songs album.

2. Bachelor Night

Tonight shall be my third Bachelor night and also my third ever episode of the Bachelor. While I was an early adopter of ANTM and love fashion reality shows (WNTW, Project Runway, etc) I never got into prime time reality tv, so this is a whole new world for me. More than half the fun is the group with all of our running commentaries, viability discussions and, of course, themed snacks.

3. Rhonda Kelley

I don’t just love Kelley’s music because she’s one of my SAI sisters, but because I really enjoy her folk/acoustic sound and I’m super excited to be able to see her live this weekend in one of her two Michigan shows. You can check out her music here and her upcoming MI shows here.

4. Old Fashioned Photos

This past weekend our community theatre had a Chili Cook-Off fundraiser which included an opportunity for old-fashioned Western photos. I’ve done these several times in the past and the image that come out of them are always both fun and amusing. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, we the ladies of the organizing committee took a moment to don dusters and hats to reinforce that we are the roughest, toughest girl gang in town. Hello new facebook picture ;)

5. Kids Magic Gloves

This love was reinforced yesterday when I purchased adult magic gloves to refurbish my gloves supply. Somehow I never realized that adult magic gloves are actually too large for my hands. Not only that, but kids magic gloves often times have awesome grippy patterns on the palms. Apparently someone decided adults don’t need grippy patterns. I beg to differ. From now on I’m shopping in the kid’s section.


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