Loot Delivery!!!

Okay, so it’s not really loot, but – even after several years as an advisor – opening that box full of lia sophia boxes is like unwrapping a treasure. When that box is full of samples from the newest catalog… well, I get a bit gleeful. Occasionally there may be some happy dancing involved.

Today was such a day.

After hours of poring over my order details and much eager anticipation my sample order from the Spring/Summer catalog has arrived!

7 pieces from the lia sophia 2011 Spring/Summer catalog - Cyclone earrings (matte silver), Swivel bracelet (hematite), Wanderlust earrings, Turnover necklace, Contessa earrings, Tri ring set, Shopping Spree necklace

My full wishlist is, of course, much larger than the order I received today, but I’ve got a budget to keep to. It would help if I didn’t drool quite so much over the $100+ pieces. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Here are several more pictures of a few of the different pieces.

Wanderlust earrings

Swivel bracelet (Hematite)

Cyclone earrings (matte silver) & Turnover necklace

Turnover flipped (mother of pearl side)

This weekend I’ll get to see the rest of the new pieces live and in person. It’s going to be glorious :)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shauna
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 20:18:48

    Just have a quick question for you. I see that you ordered the tri rings(the set of 3). Because of the shape of the rings, do you find they poke your fingers? I am just getting my privilege order together and just can’t decide on these rings. Any suggestions? By the way, I have really enjoyed your posts about the new pieces. It helped to peek my curious until my catalogues came in. Loving the new catalogue.

    lia sophia advisor in Canada


    • alainarkraus
      Jan 23, 2011 @ 11:27:53

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the posts :) I can’t believe there’s only a little more than a week until the new catalog comes out!

      So, the tri rings – I actually just wore these yesterday and don’t recall them poking. Since they’re six-sided you can rotate them to have a flat edge line up with the fingers on either side. The one thing I apparently didn’t notice before ordering is that the copper/rose gold one doesn’t have any crystals on it. I still like it, but it caught me by surprise when I opened it. I must have been distracted from that detail by all of the other pieces on the page ;) I do like the rings and they’re pretty versatile with the multiple finishes.

      For myself, my general rule of thumb when I’m really uncertain about whether I want to invest in a piece or not is to wait until I’ve had an opportunity to see it in person. I do, however, know that barring backorders I will see all of the new pieces within about a month of the new catalog between meetings, workshops, etc. with my group, which you may or may not have available.

      – Alaina


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