5 Things I Love – Jan 24

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. lia sophia Sisters

This past weekend was our lia sophia group’s January Workshop which brings together several hundred women for a couple days of sharing and learning. As always I am heartened by the feeling of sisterhood amongst our group. Time and again throughout the weekend stories are told and actions show how this group of women – from all different walks of life, races and locations – truly care for and support each other. To top it off, I got a chance to chat for hours getting to know better one of my lia sophia friends & sisters.

2. Relient K, Five Score & Seven Years Ago

Yes, I realize this album has been out for several years, but on my drive home last night I was reminded of how awesome it is. The home of songs like ‘Forgiven‘, ‘Devestation & Reform‘ and ‘Deathbed‘; this remains a favorite for me still.

3. AJ’s Music Cafe

While we just missed Rhonda Kelley playing on Saturday night (:(), Tai and I were introduced to this great coffee shop& cafe in downtown Ferndale. Their menu looks fabulous, their chai was great and they are home to Assembly Line Concert. The Third Shift: Operation Give Back will run non-stop from March 17-April 2, 2011.

4. Mumford & Sons

As with many recently developed fans, I was introduced to Mumford & Sons when their single ‘Little Lion Man’ hit the airwaves. Grooveshark has helped me to broaden my knowledge of them and turned me from lover of a single to consumer of their music. You can check out ‘Little Lion Man’ along with ‘Winter Winds’, ‘The Cave’ and more in the video section of their website.

5. Weber’s Inn‘s Catering

Don’t get me wrong, the Inn itself is great with friendly staff and I’ve no complaints, but their food? If I gained weight this past week it’s because their food is absolutely delicious. I have as yet to eat a meal there that wasn’t excellent and the desserts are a whole set temptations on their own.


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