Spotted! on the Bachelor

I know my blog has been very lia sophia centric of late. I really do have some posts on other topics just waiting to get the final edit (or be written…), but I can’t help but share this bit of reality tv lia sophia love.

So as I mentioned in last week’s 5 Things I Love, I am a recent addition to the watchers of The Bachelor. I started watching not because I had a deep abiding interest in the subject, but because it’s fellowship time with the ladies I’m on Praise Team with.

Yes, I do find the fact that it’s the ladies from church who have gotten me to watch The Bachelor humorous.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Ashley S was looking all dolled up for the Rose ceremony when I noticed something familiar about her necklace. Very familiar. In fact, it looked a lot like a lia sophia past red carpet piece. Then the next week they kept panning across her wrist while she and Brad were talking on the rooftop. There was no denying it.

Ashley S is showing some lia sophia love on The Bachelor. Of course, if I had these pieces I would want to show them off too.

So, here’s the rundown of the first 3 episodes (she wasn’t sporting any lia sophia on this week’s show). All screenshots are, of course, property of ABC.

Episode 1

screenshot of Ashley S with bracelet on the Bachelor

I couldn’t get a really clear clip of this one, but it appears that Ashley is wearing the Buckle bracelet from the Rue Royale collection.

Episode 2

screenshot of Ashley S with Saturn necklace on the Bachelor

It took me a bit to figure out which piece this was. I knew it was a Red Carpet necklace and with a bit of digging I finding it to be the Saturn Necklace from the 2020 collection.

Episode 3

screenshot of Ashley S with Circuit bracelet on the Bachelor

This is actually the bracelet that confirmed for me that I was not losing my mind (before realizing that episodes were available on Hulu). The west end collection is one of my favorite Red Carpet collections to date and I spent more than a little time drooling over this bracelet’s colorful friends when they were available.

There you have it. Three of 4 episodes thus far and you may be sure that should such sightings occur again over the course of this season I will report them back here.

Update – January 31: Ashley S went home tonight, so our opportunity to see more of lia sophia on there is past. If anyone else starts sporting it, though, I’ll be sure to mention it.


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