5 Things I Love – Jan 31

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Great God

We introduced this song to our congregation in worship this weekend, but I fell in love with it last Wednesday at praise team practice and have been walking around singing it ever since. It’s upbeat, fun and has an awesome Middle Eastern sound mixed it. There may have been some dancing reminiscent of ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ at practice, but there are no photographs to prove this concretely…

2. Pocket Frogs

When I had the work Android I will admit to having devoted a good bit of time to Angry Birds, but now that that’s actually being used for *gasp* development work (aka what it was purchased for) I’ve been sucked into Pocket Frogs. The point? I’m pretty certain it is to catalog all several thousand frog variations that you can breed/capture/etc. Simple but oh so addictive. Also, a great game for teaching kids the basics of genetic inheritance traits and it’s free.

3. Baklava

Bachelor night is bad for my overall caloric intake. Thankfully I’m pretty well-behaved the rest of the week. Anyway, my friend’s husband made us some homemade baklava last Monday and reminded me how much I enjoy this sweet treat.

4. Two Sister’s Gourmet Seasoning Blends

While there are a wide variety of ways that these seasoning mixes can be used, ever since I was introduced to them as a Partylite consultant they have become my go-to for quick additions to social gatherings. Stir them up with some sour cream and mayo and you’ve got a great tasting dip on the fly.

5. Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars

Food must be on the brain this week. I’ll blame it on yesterday’s lunch. Most of the lunch was homemade, but when time crunched and the cookies weren’t baked I grabbed a box of these and they are amazing. Chocolate crumble crust reminiscent of crushed oreos with mini marshmallows and brownie. It’s a good thing there were only two left by the time everyone headed home.


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