5 Things I Love – March 14

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Superman Ice Cream

I thought about including this in last week’s 5 Things, but there appears to be some debate over where the flavor originated aside from being a Midwest thing. Of the various theorized flavor combos, I grew up with as a kid the Blue Moon, lemon chiffon & red pop combo

2. X-Mini Capsule Speaker

I got one of these as local leader swag at Interaction11 and was pleasantly surprised at it’s sound quality when I pulled it out a few weeks later to use for background music at an event. With my ipod at 1/2 volume it was more than sufficient for our needs and much easier to transport than trying to add a boombox to the event stuff mix.


One of the oldest surviving soft drinks, Vernors originated in Detroit and almost made last week’s list of regional foods. In the reverse of Superman ice cream, it was struck not because I didn’t know where it started but because I wasn’t sure how widely it is now distributed. It is still a great Michigan food and is a great taste sensation when combined with vanilla ice cream (known as a Boston Cooler).

4.Conair Jelly Rollers

So, I have ornery hair. You wouldn’t guess it by looking, but it’s very stubborn about doing what it wants to and when it comes to being curled it either tends to fro out or lose it’s curl without 10 gallons of hair spray added to it (which I’m not a huge fan of). However, back when I was in college these came into my life and they’re amazing. Truly a hair saver on more than one occasion.

5.Calorie Counter

Last year I used the LoseIt app to lose 15 lbs but I’m an infovore, so when I discovered this site with all of its vitamin and mineral information I got a bit a addicted. It still has a food log and, duh, counts caloric intake vs. outtake but it’s taking me that next step from really coming to understand things like portion sizes to choosing my food to make sure I have enough vitamins and minerals that my body needs in my life.


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