The Scents of Summer 2011

With the release of the new Partylite Summer Catalog just days away, here are the new scents that you can expect to find for the sunny days ahead.

Berry Blast
Fruits & Citrus
Bursting with sweetness, this fruit medley layers summer’s juiciest red berries with tropical notes of fresh-cut papaya and kiwi. It’s a mouthwatering berry explosion!

Lime Twist
Fruits & Citrus
The vibrant scent of zesty, tangy limes is instantly refreshing. Let the crisp, citrusy air cool your hot summer days… and nights.

Orange Zest
Fruits & Citrus
This sophisticated orange fragrance mingles the bold freshness of just-peeled oranges with subtle floral notes. Captures the essence of bright, sunshiny morning.

Citrus Bloom Citronella
Herbal & Woodsy
Citronella oil from fragrant Asian grasses combines with the tangy scent of citrus blossoms for an air of freshness. Bring the party indoors!

Geranium Citronella
Herbal & Woodsy
Sweet geranium brings a light floral touch to the favorite woodsy notes of lemony citronella. Quite possibly the perfect summertime scent.

Check out the new Summer catalog additions online
on April 1st.


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