5 Things I Love – May 2

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Detroit

I know that Detroit gets a bad rap as a city, but I have found the people of Detroit that I’ve met to be a warm and inviting group. The history is interesting, the buildings have great architecture and art is in the city. It has a great beat that gets missed by the all the bad chatter that’s snowballed in the press on the city, but I am glad to see people like those gathered at Future Midwest this past week are looking past that to what Detroit can be with some faith, creativity & perseverance.

2. Maria V. Snyder’s Study Trilogy

I have somewhat varied taste in books, but am a sucker for good character driven fantasy, which Snyder’s books are. I enjoyed them so much that I read through all 3 in two days with work, Easter and other commitments mixed in as well.


It often surprises people that I’ve not done more karaoke in my life, but I do quite enjoy it when I do and the Techkaraoke group is a fun one. I’d love it even if I hadn’t come home with a trophy from last Friday’s edition.

4. Hillsong Chapel’s ‘Hosanna’

We started practicing this for praise team a couple of months ago and it remains one of my favorites from the new batch of songs we’ve been learning. It’s got a light, ethereal feel to it that I just love.

5. Energy by VitaminWater

With VitaminWater as a sponsor to two events this past week (Future Midwest & Technokaraoke) I drank my fair share and one of the new flavors I was introduced to was energy, which is a tropical citrus with caffeine & guarana. Generally I’m a XXX drinker (yay for pomegranate!) but Energy is a great alternative for those times that you want caffeine coffee doesn’t sound good and you don’t want all the additives of pop. For you Zero lovers out there, there is a citrus-mixed berry flavor called Drive which also contains caffeine and I’m told is quite good as well.


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