The Bunny Cake 2011 Edition

Last year for Easter my parents and I hit the road for a visit to my older brother’s for the holiday, which meant that when it came to food we were operating off of a semi-planned roll with it kind of thing. At some point in making food decision, quite possibly in the middle of Giant Eagle, my mom and I decided that we were going to make a bunny cake. It was an entertaining endeavor considering that despite my brother’s culinary love of Alton Brown and some kitchen tools, he still has a bachelor kitchen. That said, after much laughter and ingenuity, a bunny cake was born and with it a new tradition.

Here is Bunny Cake the 2010 Edition:

So, a few months ago when Easter plans started being discussed the question arose – do we do a bunny cake? Of course. Why ever not?

You might think that this forethought would lead to greater planning on our parts, but no. That really wasn’t the case. Since we weren’t leaving the state this year we didn’t even nail down Easter Day plans until earlier in the week.

Here is the bunny progression in snapshot photos and the song we sing whilst making it – The Bunny Song*.

‘The bunny, the bunny, whoa I ate the bunny. I didn’t eat my soup or my bread just the bunny…’

‘The bunny, the bunny, oh I love the bunny, but now I feel real sick in the head from the bunny…’

‘I didn’t eat my salad. I didn’t eat my steak. I had too much candy – got a tummy ache…’

‘I need to eat good food to help me to grow. I’ll obey my momma, cause she loves me so…’

‘Yeah, I’ll go to church and I’ll go to school. That stuff is important and I ain’t no fool…’

‘I don’t want no pickles. I don’t want no honey. I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!’

‘I don’t want to tell you a joke that is funny. I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny! I don’t want a tissue when my nose is runny. I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny! I don’t want to play on a day that is sunny. I just want a plate and a fork and a bunny!’

So there you have it. The 2011 Bunny Cake. At this point all that remains is the head, which would look pretty entertaining in my fridge if not for the aluminum foil covering it.

We did have one faithful ‘helper’ whose job was to make sure all crumbs were accounted for:

*In the midst of looking up The Bunny Song I discovered that it’s had a controversial past including banned lyrics. Somehow I missed out on that drama. If you’d like to hear the original version that caused the uproar you can watch it here.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charlotte
    May 09, 2011 @ 17:58:32

    I love the bunny and I love the bunny song (both versions!! Does this make me bad?)


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