5 Things I Love – May 9

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Spring

Spring has finally arrived! Ok, so really Spring arrived with the rain storms and the mud and all of that, but by Spring I mean that the sun has actually been shining during the day and the temperature has been in the 60s. It’s glorious. Of course, the one negative side effect is that in terms of in-office seasons we have entered into the season of sub-arctic air conditioning. The budding trees and balmy afternoons are worth it.

2. Water Crackers

I don’t recall now which came first, my visits to the UK or my love of water crackers, but the first surely cemented the second. Water crackers with jam. Water crackers with Nutella. Water crackers with cucumber as they were presented at the Mother’s Day tea my mom and I attended this past weekend. I love them all.

3. Gypsy Cold Care

Rumor has hit our office of the zombie virus of 2011 coming our way (ones of the banes of the open office space), which has reminded me of my love of Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care tea. While peppermint and cinnamon may sound like an odd combination, it actually has a good flavor and helps fight off congestion. Perhaps now is the time for a preventative stock up…

4. Kermit’s Bein’ Green

Somehow a co-worker and I got into a discussion of our love for this song this past week so I thought I’d share the love beyond our office. It’s definitely one of my favorite Muppet songs. There is also an entertaining variation of the song via Oscar the Grouch’s interpretation of being green that I came across while link searching. Thank you, YouTube suggestions bar for this discovery.

5. Farmer’s Market

I have written before of my love for farmer’s markets and ours opened this past Saturday which has me pretty stoked. In fact, I’m planning on doing a recipe series based on using farmer’s market foods like kale, swiss chard and whatever else appears as the crops roll in.


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