Superhero Friday

Last night I was going to work on my backlog of blog posts needing to go up. Instead, distracted blogger that I am, I made a made a cape and utility belt and dyed a t-shirt and gloves. Why? Because today was Superhero Friday in our office and we were not only invited to come in dressed up, but there was a costume contest as well. How could I not participate in an excuse to wear superhero attire to work?

I’ll admit it, the hardest part was finding a superheroine whose attire is workplace appropriate. We’re pretty flexible in our office I think spandex may have a special addendum specifically denoting it’s evils. Considering that most superheroines are generally recognized in attire that is either spandex, reveals more than it covers or is some combination of both this was a more difficult feat than one might think.

Don’t believe me? Google at your own risk or check out these two illustrations – Women of Marvel and Women of DC.

After much research and contemplation of my wardrobe I settled on Misfit. Not only are all the necessary body parts covered, but her style isn’t that far off from my own AND it gave me an excuse to make and rock a cape at work today. One must keep their priorities in order on these matters.

Of course, I made this decision at about 5:30 pm yesterday, so my next course of action, obviously, was to stop at Salvation Army and I hit gold. Being in a bit of a hurry I didn’t think to take pictures until I was already mid-project, but here’s a break-down of the articles of superheroine attire that were aquired last night:

Cape: made from a full black skirt with two panels removed and scrap yellow lining, both purchased at Salvation Army. Total Price – $2.75.

Utility Belt: made from scraps of the yellow fabric. No additional cost.

Bat Tee: dyed tee with bat emblem drawn in sharpie. Total for tee, dye & sharpie – $3.16

Mask: white jersey scrap dyed in same dye bath as tee and tied with ribbon. No additional cost.

Gloves: I could not find black gloves, so I tried to dye a pair of white ones with some black RIT. They came out gray. I wore them anyway. Total cost – $1.

Denim Mini: Salvation Army find. Total cost – $1.50.

The leggings, chucks and jewelry I already owned, though the chucks should actually be black instead of teal.

Total Project Cost: $8.41

The best part is that all of the items I made can be used again and I do plan to beef up my utility belt with some better made pouches. Being a rush job they aren’t as well put together as I would like.

I was not alone in the costume craziness, though only a few of my co-workers wore theirs all day.

While the costume contest wasn’t really my focus, I actually did come away with an iTunes giftcard & Hershey’s bar making it a win kind of day. Especially since I came away with a pic of the awesome look one of our managers came in with. Yes, that is a he.


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