5 Things I Love – May 30

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Our Armed Forces

It may come off as sappy to have this on a post entitled ‘5 Things I Love’, but I come from a long line of servicemen and women who sacrificed for or freedom. The purpose of Memorial Day tends to get lost in the celebration of a three day weekend leading into summer that it has become, but we only have that freedom because of those who came before us willing to stand up and fight for that. We’re only keeping it because of those who are still doing that today, so the next time you see one of these men or women – a veteran or someone currently serving – take the opportunity to thank them for the time they have dedicated to protecting and preserving our country and our freedom.

2. Katsushika Hokusai

Outside of a very small number of you, this name probably doesn’t mean much, but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this Japanese artist’s most famous print at least once in your life. That would be the The Great Wave off Kanagawa or that tidal wave woodblock print that seems to pop up all over the place. If you’ve any fondness this style I would recommend going and checking him out :)

3. Bora Bora Wild Pomegranate Pecan Bars

I realized while researching this that it seems I’ve almost always got some sort of new food I love and this week is not different. All natural, organic, full of flavor and wonderfully moist I could several in one sitting easily. Also, much to my personal happiness, they actually list potassium on the label. Friends will back up that I’ve been on a whole ‘why isn’t potassium ever listed on the label’ kick since I started using Calorie Counter, so this is beautamous (as well as being very, very tasty).

4. Apples to Apples

I was very first introduced to this game at an SAI lock-in in college and to this day it remains a favorite of mine at group gatherings, like the Memorial Day party today. Not only is it fun and good for larger groups of people, but you learn a lot about the other players through their choices as well.

5. Jonah Lehrer’s ‘How We Decide’

I have not yet had the opportunity to read his book, but while studying up on the psychology of decision making for our May design workshop I came across this recording of him speaking to the Commonwealth Club and it’s a great talk. He’s also got an interesting variety of articles on Wired.


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