5 Things I Love – June 13

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

It’s that time of year. Well, it’s actually one of the two in which we find out what pieces are departing from the lia sophia catalog. As always there are the pieces that aren’t too surprising and July always draws a close to the Kiam collection, but there are also always those pieces that we know we’re going to miss. Here are 5 pieces that I’m sad to see leaving…

1. Multi-Strand Hematite

I fell in love with this piece at last year’s conference and knew that I had to have it. In the time since it has become a regular in my jewelry wardrobe and I anticipate that it will continue to be as it transitions from my kit to my personal jewelry box at the end of July.

2. Pave CZ Ring

Another piece that will be finding it’s way to my jewelry box. This has been my go to silver ring for months. In fact, I’m wearing it even now as I type. Dress it up, dress it down – it’s great bling that brings a lot of sparkle without being ostentatious.

3. Amber Dawn

Much prettier in person, this long necklace of quartz & abalone is one of our ‘magic’ necklaces that naturally complement a variety of colors making them flexible to wear with a wide variety of different outfits. Another of these necklaces, Maggie, will be leaving us as well.

4. Buttercup

If you’ve been a visitor of my blog for awhile you may remember that this bracelet made my top 5 favorites from the new catalog last February. Sadly, it is now taking all of it’s retro goodness and leaving us.

5. Jody

If you couldn’t tell by #1 on this week’s list, I’m a fan of the hematite finish. This necklace actually takes the hematite of #1, the pave of #2 and the length of #3 to form a gorgeous glam necklace that dress up a tee or complement a little black dress.

There are a ton of other really great pieces that are leaving as well, which made making this list really difficult and I know that I’ve left things off (Harvest Moon, Herb Garden, Galena…). To see the whole list for yourself, pop over to my lia sophia page and you can download the pdf of all 240+ pieces that will be leaving on July 31st.


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