Four Michigan Artists Exhibit at SAC

At some point during my time here in Owosso I ended up on the email list for the Shiawassee Arts Center, which means that periodically I receive invites to opening receptions to their current show. I enjoy art exhibits and it is literally just across the river from me, so I try and make opening receptions as often as I’m able.

Tonight was one of those nights. Now, in the past I’ve never written on here about any of them. I really never thought to, but as I was walking back over the bridge sipping my punch I couldn’t help but think how much I enjoyed this particular show and, that being the case, I really should say something about it.

As you may have caught with the post title, the current show features the work of four pretty local Michigan artists including Rosita Gendernalick, David Giordan, Karan Pinkston and David Raber.

The first artist whose work I encountered was David Raber whose pieces are a mixture of hand-cut paper and painting. They were actually much more intricate than I might have expected reading a description such as the one I just wrote and with the religious/saint oriented theme put me in mind of the icons of the early Byzantine church. Apparently he calls them icons too, so we’re on the same page. Of course, it was also obvious to me that memorizing the saints had not been a part of my religious education. Most of them I recognized as big players but there were a few I had no familiarity with.

In the same room as Raber were the ceramic craftings of Rosita Gendernalik. They were actually spread throughout the exhibit. That just happened to be the first room I saw them in. Her pieces are a type of pottery known as petal pots. Instead of being thrown on a wheel as would be expected of pottery they are made by assembling by hand many, many little petals of clay. They’re quite detailed. Her little bugs are fabulous.

Next, I headed over to the other side where the hour-devours were and there found Karan Pinkston’s work. She paints in a variety of formats, but the pieces I enjoyed most were all done in oil including a great pair of NFS pieces featuring a jaguar and an ocelot. I don’t blame her for wanting to keep them for herself.

The last artist whose work I saw was actually the one who made me get on here and write about the show. I enjoyed the others, but David Giordan’s watercolors are amazing. From afar I thought they were photographs instead of paintings. Oftentimes when I go to an exhibit and see flowers or a botanical theme there is a part of me that goes ‘It’s pretty. I like flowers, but give me something more’. That is not to say that I haven’t photographed my fair share of plants, but it takes a lot to stand out with that material. Girodan does that. He also knows his flowers and it shows.

So, if you happen to be in the area at all now through the end of July and enjoy art I encourage you to stop in and see the show. The Shiawassee Arts Center is located at 206 Curwood Castle Drive in Owosso and is open Tuesday through Sunday, 1-5pm. For more information click the postcard below.


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