lia sophia NEXT: A New Year, A New Look

As I’ve been thinking over this post I can’t help but think that the first and shortest day of conference is designed to ease us into the packed schedule of the rest of the conference. Of course, it could also just be that they know we’re bubbling over with excitement at knowing we’re going to be seeing all the new jewelry soon. Anyway, that first session is where most of this news comes from. There’s far too much to fit in one post.

This year they changed things up by starting us all together in the U.S. Cellular Arena. They even sent us our badges ahead of time so that we wouldn’t have to go through registration first. We knew they had something up their sleeves, but I know I wasn’t alone in my surprise when they unveiled the new look of lia sophia, but I love the new purple and abstraction of the company name. As I said in my post earlier today, these changes are already live on the lia sophia website for you to check out.

Here’s a look at the new packaging that will be coming out with the new line:

Aren’t they pretty? I was super excited to check them out live while I was there, but I know that not everyone has quite as strong of feeling about such things as I do so here’s some of the other news I haven’t covered yet…

Elena Kiam, New Creative Director

If you’ve ever taken the time to look at the first few pages of the lia sophia catalog then you’ve seen Elena Kiam. Now she’ll be even more visible as she takes on the role of Creative Director for lia sophia. A women of fabulous style, a passion for lia sophia and a background studying design at Harvard; her touch can already be seen in the new catalog from the available styles to the tips that she’s scattered throughout it. In addition to the behind the scenes work, she’ll be becoming more involved with a blog at lia sophia homepage, Social Fashion videos on YouTube and more.

Social Fashion

Social Fashion is the intersection of style and friendship. Since this is what lia sophia is all about, be expecting to see even more about Social Fashion in the future like the previously mentioned videos and a special fashion update flyer every month featuring key trends & ideas.

Fall Winter Catalog

With 100 pages and 617 styles this is the largest catalog that we’ve ever had. It also features fashion tips from Elena, updated photography and even more trends. With over half the catalog under $50, it’s still affordable too though I will admit that I’m pretty sure I want every $45 Hostess Bonus item in there. Supporting my jewelry habit is definitely one of my ‘whys’ for being an advisor ;)

Special Editions

We all know trends don’t constrain them to the catalog cycle, so to address that lia sophia is now doing small collections known as Special Editions. This first special edition is all about bright colors and is only available through the end of September.


One addition to the new catalog I want to call out specifically is that we now have charms and charm bracelets! There are a couple of varieties of regular charm bracelets and necklaces for clip charms as well as a leather wrap charm bracelet that can be adorned with mini slides. They’re super cute and I can’t wait to get my samples of them :)

Expanded Spanish Materials

Starting this August lia sophia will be expanding the materials offered in Spanish to a full suite including not only catalog but a special Spanish starter kit.

I know what you’re really looking for are some pics of the jewelry so, with no further ado, here’s a sneak peek of a few of the new styles:

Still to come are Clinton Kelly, Geena Davis & the Fashion Soiree…


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