5 Things I Love – July 25

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Loose leaf tea is fabulous and deserves to show that off in super cute designs like this T Rex shaped tea infuser. Instead of being the oddball amongst your tea bag drinking friends, this little fella will make your mug of tea an object of geek envy.

2. Feta & Spinach Pierogies

I’ve always loved pierogies. I’ve also been a longtime fan of spinach and feta, so when I saw these loves combined I knew I had to try them. Personal cooking preference – boiled then pan fried to crispy golden brown.

3. Holy Kaw

Interested in all sorts of crazy & random topics? Check out this stream for links to a wide and varied assortment of articles and news. (It’s actually where I found out about Tea Rex).

4. St. Julian’s Blackberry Wine

This past weekend I took a drive up to Frankenmuth, MI, to visit the St. Julian Winery tasting room there and make use of my soon to be expiring Groupon for them. After tasting several of their wines that I haven’t had before I left the happy owner of 3 bottles of wine including their Blackberry. It’s a dessert wine, very fruity and when one of the ladies who worked there mentioned that it is good over vanilla ice cream (or blended with it) I knew it was my kind of wine ;)

5.Chocolate Cheese

While I was in Frankenmuth I decided to wander the shops since it had been years since my last time doing so and in my wandering found myself in The Cheese Haus. They’ve got a wide, wide variety of cheeses that they make and sell with one of the more unusual being chocolate cheese. I couldn’t resist trying a sample and it is fabulous. I actually comes in chocolate, chocolate mint & chocolate peanut butter, but the plain chocolate was my personal favorite.

Also, remember that today is the last day to enter to win free lia sophia jewelry!


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