Only 2 Days Left of the Spring/Summer 2011 lia sophia Catalog!

Cover of the 2011 Spring Summer lia sophia catalog

This weekend marks the end of the latest lia sophia catalog and bidding farewell to a number of favorites like the Pave CZ ring, Maggie necklace, Harvest Moon necklace and Discotheque earrings. If you have a favorite piece that you’ve been waiting on, check out our drop list here or you can also find it in the catalogs section of the website.

This also marks the end of July’s Reverse Customer Save Plan or Buy 1, Get 2 (more expensive) at 1/2 price, which can be used on the pieces retiring as well as the ones carrying over and even the new catalog. Here’s an example of what mixing them might look like:

Impress stud earrings (Fall/Winter 2011): $20
Circlet Necklace (both catalogs): $42 $21
Turnstile bracelet (retiring Spring/Summer 2011): $66 $33
Retail Value: $128
Your Price: $74

Have a must have piece that’s retiring or just want to take advantage of the sale? Contact your lia sophia rep or you can place an order with me until 5pm EST on Sunday. For more information on how to order and any additional customer specials visit my lia sophia website.

July lia sophia News

I plan to post the first conference post later today, but some news just shouldn’t wait that much longer. So, without further ado, here’s what’s up in July with lia sophia :)

It’s Reverse Save Plan Month

Yep. It’s one of those glorious months in which the customer special is buy 1, get 2 more expensive items at 1/2 price. It’s the perfect time to think ahead to what presents you might need for you sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, etc. over the next few months.

lia sophia’s New Look

If you haven’t been to lia sophia’s site in the week or so then you probably haven’t seen our new look. No longer blue, lia sophia is rocking a warm, modern purple now which is just one part of the new look that coming. There are also updates to our packaging, catalogs, website, etc.

New Jewelry Available This Month!

For the first time ever lia sophia is allowing customers to order from the new Fall/Winter catalog along with the new Special Editions AND the Spring/Summer Catalog. Even more exciting is that with the new catalog and Special Editions being available starting July 11th, you’ll be able to get the new jewelry using the Reverse Save Plan!

New Starter Kit

New advisors will get a new, updated starter kit featuring an assortment of styles from the Fall/Winter catalog and updated supplies that show off lia sophia’s new look!

One last thing before I vamoose. At the beginning of next week information for my bi-annual new catalog jewelry giveaway will be going live, so keep an eye out for it.

Special 2.5 Day Sale!

Empress set - necklace, earrings, ring cobalt faceted cabachons set in matte gold

That’s right – I’m sweetening the jewelry pot just in time for Holiday shopping. Why? I’ve got a goal to reach this weekend and I know some of you have some shopping you’ve been wanting to do. You’re just waiting for the right deal, so check out this special 2.5 Day Sale:

Buy: 1 Piece of Jewelry

Get @ 1/2 Price: 1 necklace +1 other piece of jewelry (more expensive than the one at regular price)

Repeat as needed.


Free Shipping on orders placed by 8pm EST, Nov. 5th

With a $65 order: Get an additional item at Hostess Bonus Pricing

With a $100 order or $100 in orders: Get $5 off of your Hostess Bonus item.

The $100 can be reached by collecting and either communicating the orders to me personally or by notifying me of online orders placed by friends that came from you.
After $100 each $50 in orders gets you another $5 off. So $150 in orders = $10 off. $200 in orders = $15 off (which is free if the piece retails at under $100)

An Example:

Crystal Palette Earrings$19
Blossom Necklace$29 (Retail Value $58)
Sequin Pendant Slide$21 (Retail Value $42)

Sub-total: $69 – $50 saved

Plus – the Party Favor Bracelet$20 (Retail Value $130)

Total: $89

Total Savings : $160

This sale concludes on Saturday, November 6th at 2pm. Orders can be placed from anywhere in the United States and will be shipped to you.

Orders placed online will not reflect these savings initially. I will adjust them upon receipt of the order through our advisor system. No orders are completed online without my first seeing them. To order online go to and use ‘Alaina Kraus’ as the hostess name.

You can also order by contacting me at alainarkraus (at) gmail . com

lia sophia Updates and News

lia sophia's Shifting Sands necklace

Last night, upon returning from the Fall Showcase, I finally made some progress to the lia sophia section on this blog. I guess I was feeling inspired.

What’s changed?

Now, instead of one long page, the main page has general lia sophia news and information while the rest has been divided into three sub-pages.

Specials now have their own page solely devoted to the great deals you can get currently through lia sophia as a customer, hostess and new advisor.

There are two additional pages that have come into existence as well. The first one is Opportunity, which has information to help you decide if the lia sophia opportunity may be right for you. There are lots of companies who aren’t hiring right now, lia sophia isn’t one of them.

The other new page is Theme Parties. Sometimes its fun to step out of the box and do something a little different, especially if your circle of friends has gotten a bit burned out on going to yet another home show. This list is far from complete, but suggestions are always appreciated!

If there’s information that you’d like to know about lia sophia that isn’t on there, let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Now, if you’re interested in making purchases for Christmas, I have updated the Specials section to show the October special, but September’s buy 2, get 4 more expensive items at 1/2 price will still be available through this weekend (until Sunday at noon EST) by visiting and placing an order under the hostess Fall Showcase.

Fall Showcase

Next week I’ll be having a Fall Showcase for lia sophia and Partylite at a local coffee shop. If you’re in the area I’d love to have you stop in to browse the Fall/Winter lia sophia & Partylite collections as well as enter for a chance to win a great doorprize!

Here are the details:

Fall Showcase
5-9 pm
September 28th
Guido’s Coffee Lounge
Woodard Station Lofts

This is a great chance to get some of your holiday shopping done with our awesome September specials!

lia sophia is offering buy 2, get 4 more expensive items at 1/2 price! Here’s an example.

Partylite has a variety of items at 76% off, plus special pricing for multiple dozen orders of candles and 1/2 off any item with a $40 order.

All orders placed at the event will receive 10% off their total.

I am extending this to the online shows (lia sophia/Partylite) as long as the orders are placed prior to the 28th. The hostess name is ‘Fall Showcase’. If you’re ordering online I will do this manually before finalizing the order. It will not show in your automated total.

Questions? Feel free to drop me an email or ask below.

Four Days Left…

That’s right, there are only four days left until the 2010 Spring/Summer lia sophia catalog is GONE. I’m sure that like me all of you lia sophia lovers out there feel that same mixture of sadness and excitement that I do. Sadness because all of these beautiful pieces will no longer be available, which means if you’re in love with any of them then there are only four days left to get them.

If that is the case for any of you fine readers and you don’t have it ordered already, I’ve decided to open up the Mystery Hostess Party to my readers for these last four days.

What does that mean? On top of getting the great July special to purchase your favorite retiring pieces (Buy One, Get Two more expensive pieces @ 1/2 price), with any purchase of $65 or more you can choose 1 additional item at hostess pricing (any item under $100 for $15 or as marked)*. I will also do a drawing from the orders placed and someone will receive free jewelry.

Here’s an example:

Purchase these using the current sale:

Sidekick Earrings – $24
Garden Grove Bracelet @ 1/2 – $17.50 (reg $35)
Appletini Ring @ 1/2 – $24 (reg $48)

Total (before shipping & tax): $65.50

Get the Chamomile Necklace for $20 (regularly $118)

That would be $225 worth of jewelry (with a lifetime guarantee) for $85.50.

Go here to place an order using ‘Mystery Hostess’ as the hostess name. There’s an online catalog here as well.

Orders need to be placed by midnight July 31st to be part of the Mystery Hostess Party. Feel free to contact me via the comments below or at alainarkraus at gmail dot com.

*The Mystery Hostess pricing is something that I enter manually. It will not show automatically, but no orders are processed without me reviewing them first. You can also order via email at the address listed above.