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As a lover of lia sophia jewelry as well as advisor I will write about lia sophia related things from time to time, but to find out more details about lia sophia, visit my personal lia sophia page.

Looking for the current specials? Check out our September Gems.

New Advisor Kit Sale!

Surprise! New Advisors who have their starter show will not only get the Swish necklace free with a $600 starter show, but will also get $25 off of their kit price (so it will be $124 or $5.39 per piece of jewelry) AND get $200 in free jewelry when they have $1500 in sales and 3 shows in their first 5 weeks which includes their starter show!

September Hostess Special

In addition to all of the regular specials for September hostesses from lia sophia (the free jewelry, the hostess bonus items, the 1/2 off items…), I am offering hostesses with $300+ in sales & 2 bookings any item up to $100 for FREE.

Fundraise with lia sophia

Looking for a fun new fundraiser for your organization? Fundraise with lia sophia! I can do order taking fundraisers, events or some combo of both. Check out my fundraising flyer for more information.

What is a ‘Choose Your Gift’ order?

lia sophia doesn’t offer gift certificates for sale, so instead you can set up a ‘Choose Your Gift’ order with me. When you do that we set up payment arrangements ahead of time for a specific amount and I send you a ‘Choose Your Gift’ certificate specifically for the person who will be receiving the gift which includes contact information on how to redeem their gift of jewelry through contacting me.

How do I make an Exchange?


alainarkraus <at> gmail . com

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