2011 Snow-In

The storm as captured by NOAA on Feb. 1, 2011

I’ll admit it. I was very cynical about this massive storm during all of the chatter leading up to it, and, obviously, the world didn’t end. I’m actually not even sure how much snow we truly got. How can this be? I live downtown off a road that literally acts as a wind tunnel off the river bend.

Here’s the world as I found it when I stepped out my door this morning:

the view down my street the morning of Feb 2, 2011

What the picture doesn’t really show is that those drifts are well over a foot deep.

This is a low spot I crossed through to check out my car. My boots, by the by, are 13 inches tall.

my boot demonstrating the depth of the drift

And here’s the car, once I finally reached it.

the snow buried car

What I apparently didn’t quite catch in the shot is the foot high drift just to the right of the frame. I worked from home today.

‘But it’s only a foot!’ you might be thinking, but there are two problems with that.

1) By the time I got that far the snow-filled wind was once more whipping down the street. Not my idea of decent weather.

2) I don’t own a shovel.

My thought had been that when my landlord eventually dug himself out and came into the office I could borrow his shovel. I never did see him. The chiropractor I know up the block was closed as well. This left me in a bit of a quandary this afternoon.

One plus I discovered in this hunt was that the sidewalks had had paths cleared into them by this point. They had also reduced the amount of snow behind our white covered vehicles.

the snowcovered road and curb with a path cut through in the afternoon

a wall of snow between 1 and 2 feet tall

One to two feet of snow right there. It’s no Kalkaska snow (where your front yard has snow taller than your SUV), but a fairly impressive night’s work none the less.

I knew I’d feel really silly not making it into the office tomorrow due to lacking a shovel and the forecast was not in my favor for another foot of snow tonight. So I did what any good Boy Scout would do – I improvised.

Meet bucket.

a basic plastic bucket

My parents gave me this bucket several years ago. I believe the intent was that I could use it for car washing, etc. but the majority of it’s life with me has been spent in the back of the pantry. Today bucket was given a new lease on life.

Less than fifteen minutes after heading for the back of the lot with bucket my car and my neighbors car were freed from their drifts. In retrospect I think the bucket may actually work better than a shovel being so easy to carry from the car to the closest dumping location.

Now that my car is freed, here’s hoping that the roads will be nice and not slippy come morning. Not that I’m holding my breath on that. Theoretically Phil predicted that Spring is coming soon. In the meantime I think I’ll be keeping that bucket by my door.