5 Things I Love – Sept 12

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1. Superfruit Jelly Bellys

I’ve seen these on a number of visits to Marshalls but this weekend I finally took the bite and they are quite a tasty treat. They have real fruit juices & purees in them, so that must make them healthy – right?

2. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

I work UX at a software company. Of course I love these.

3. iDuck

I don’t believe it’s come up on here before, but I kind of have a rubber duck collection so this little fella’s combo of music & duckiness is superb. Besides, it solves the mp3 player & bathtub conundrum in a fun way that doesn’t result in electrocution.

4. Dilbert

I was introduced to Dilbert in my youth by my father, an engineer, and my appreciation has only grown over the years. There are days when I wonder if Scott Adams has a spy cam in our office his strips are so spot on. Others are just funny because they could totally happen in our office and I wouldn’t be at all surprised.For example,this conversation may happen in the War Room at any time.

5. Earthsong Saga

There are a few online comics that I have taken to reading and this one not only features an interesting fantasy (sci-fi? it takes place on another planet) storyline, but Crystal Yates is a fabulous artist as well.

5 Things I Love – Aug 22

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1. Clove Soap

Several weeks back when I ventured up to Frankenmuth I stumbled across a tore named Those Nature People Herb Haus advertising spices, herbs, etc in their window. Intrigued, I investigated and ended up coming away with a bag of loose leaf Mango Ginger Mint tea and a promise to myself to return and get some of their clove soap. I adore the scent of cloves, so to be able to get it in a soap is fantastic! They’ve also got almond soap, another scent I love, and flat rate shipping from their site if I decide I’d rather shop online than make the drive.

2. Star Wars 4-6 in ASCII

Totally old school from someone who must have had far too much time on their hands, but totally awesome as well (and nerdy, but whatever).

3. Tom Banwell’s Leather Masks

Etsy emails are dangerous, dangerous things. Like this gents lovely masks. I think I have to have one and they aren’t abhorrently expensive so I’d actually be able to afford it. Also, Ren Fest is arriving soon and one of these would be a perfect accessory for the day :)

4. We Run This Town DC Tee

Girl power, vintage styling & superheroines – of course I love this tee.

5. Vintage Confections

Another dangerous Etsy find. These folks have an amazing assortment of candy flavors available. Pumpkin cheesecake suckers? Got it along with spiced pear, mint chocolate chip, sea salted caramel, Neapolitan, vanilla coffee and more…

5 Things I Love – July 4

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Soooo, those conference posts? They’ll go live this week. I always forget how mentally exhausting it can be. I thought I’d be able to get one up on Saturday, but a flash storm hit my parents place and knocked out the cable company so it was a no phone, cable or internet kind of thing. Thankfully we were spared from the power outage unlike a few blocks over. Anyway, here’s this week’s five…

1. Fireworks

Yes, they are bright, shiny, sparkly and fun to look at, but what I really love about fireworks is that it’s an excuse to bring together friends and family and have a good time. The first round of fireworks I went to this past weekend was totally messed up by the storm earlier in the day, but we had a great night in spite of it. In fact, it wouldn’t have been so memorable had the day gone off without a hitch.

2. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

I may be a bit biased due to my being an extra in it, but I actually really enjoyed the movie. It was funny. There was a plot. Explosions happened. Great editing in of old real life film footage. The topper for me, though, was that Alen Tudyk (aka Wash in Firefly) was in it and he was fabulous. I would see it again just for him.

3. Cracker Barrel

We have literally planned road trips by Cracker Barrel locations. I kid you not. My family may not be Southern, but we appreciate that down home cooking anyway. It’s definitely a top restaurant choice for our whole family and it’s not expensive to boot.

4. Modjeskas

Of course, when I think of Cracker Barrel I can’t help but think of modjeskas. Never heard of them? Next time you’re there check out the glass candy containers behind the counter and give one of these wax paper wrapped babies a try. Creamy caramel wrapped around a marshmallow center. Mmmmm.

5. Horseshoes

This kind of goes back to the 4th of July & fireworks, but I played horseshoes for the first time in years today. My form could use some work and my arm may hate me tomorrow, but I got a ringer and had fun doing it.

5 Things I Love – April 25

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1. Cadbury Cream Eggs

I gave up candy for Lent this year, so it is with great pleasure that I am now able to indulge in these fine treats before they disappear for another year.

2. Daniel Pink: The Surprising Science of Motivation

The author of Drive and A Whole New Mind gives a great TED talk on motivation and creative thinking that is well worth the 19 minutes to watch the video.

3. The Marshmallow Challenge

This past week we did a design workshop with our company using this challenge and it was a great entertaining success with the tallest structure in round 1 being 33.5 inches and the tallest in round 2 being 38.5 inches :)

4. Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

In celebration of Earth Day, Zoya is offering their nail polish for $4 a bottle (including shipping!) through April 27th. All they ask is that you please use the bag provided in your shipment to send back old bottle of non-Zoya polish which they will dispose of properly.

5. Font Squirrel

While I am not nearly the font addict that some of my co-workers are, I do have an appreciation for finding just the right font for a project. Yes, there are a ton of font sites out there (and I’m sure some of them will appear on here later) but what I love about Font Squirrel is that it is %100 free for commercial use, so I don’t have to worry about what rights fonts I’ve gotten from their site have when I go to use them later, which is lovely for my peace of mind.