lia sophia NEXT: Clinton Kelly’s Top 10

Since Clinton introduced us to his closet last year and it’s a bit hard to do live questions with 4,000 women; this year he did the next best thing by addressing the top ten questions that he gets asked. Of course, in the midst of this discussion he admitted to being caught in flip flops on the street after expressedly stating they are the bottom of the shoe ladder. This admission led to the removal of one show – to validate his claim of having attractive feet – and then a totally barefoot state.

I’m really rather amazed there weren’t more catcalls in the midst of all the cheering going on at that time. Anyway, on to the tips…

10. Most people I know are hot messes. I don’t want to look overdressed in my own neighborhood. What’s a girl to do?

Really, most of America is a hot mess. We all know it and Clinton’s not afraid to say it, but he’s also quick to say not to worry about what people think about you. Everything you put on your body should be a personal expression of you aka You Be You!

9. Can you help my husband? He’s gross!

I loved that Clinton showed a picture of himself with the admonition not to get your hopes too high. His advice – reward him your hubby/boyfriend/etc for dressing well with treats. What those treats are I’ll leave up to you to determine ;)

8. These boobs of mine! I just can’t figure out what to do with them. Any ideas?

I feel this one ladies. The girls are pretty fond of getting in the way. Last year, Clinton told us that getting a bra fitting was one of the best things to do to up your style ante. This year, he shared it a bit differently by telling us to get the girls in a bra halfway between the shoulder & elbow. That’s where designers design them to be.
For the smaller ladies, create a volume with ruffles, folding etc. whereas those more amply endowed should get to know v-necks. They’re our friends. He also encouraged smaller shouldered individuals to add some volume at the shoulder to balance things out.

7. How do I make it look like I have less junk in my trunk?

This problem I do not have (as my mother will attest) but Clinton has a phrase to help remember what to do if this is a problem area for you – divide & conquer. Dividing breaks up the attention and therefore helps minimize.

6. Shopping for jeans is about as much fun as playtime at Guantanamo Bay. Please… help… me.

My favorite part of this answer was when Clinton told us that the best way to prevent muffin top is to keep the muffin in the pan aka 2 finger widths under the belly button is an ideal location for the top of the jeans to hit. In case you’ve ever wondered, the trouser is apparently the most flattering style of jean available.
He also reminded us that the average woman on what Not to Wear has to try on 20 pairs of jeans to find that pair that fits, so don’t give up after one or two.

5. You’re always recommending heels. Well, my feet hurt Mister Smartypants. Now what?

“Why would I see a podiatrist? Because they’re a foot doctor!”

While taller makes you look thinner by elongating your body, if your doctor tells you not to wear heels – don’t do it! If you’re a heel avoider you can still be stylish sporting a cute non-athletic sneaker; light, airy wedge; ballet or other style of flat; boot or a sandal. Just avoid those flip flops. Oh, and with flats raise your natural waist to make your legs look longer and you, therefore, taller.

4. Is there such a thing as too much jewelry for daytime?

Jewelry is all about drawing attention to where you want, so use statement jewelry to draw the eye where you’d like it to go and complement it with simpler pieces for the daytime then trade out for a bolder evening look.

3. Momma ain’t got no money for Gucci. How do I still look fabulous?

“Style is not about clothes – it’s a state of mind that you believe & look good every day.”

Being a bargain shopper I love this – style is not about price tag. More important is the fit. Without fit, there’s no style involved no matter what the price tag says. According to Clinton a tailor & a bra fitting will change your life, so buy the less expensive piece and get it tailored to get that million dollar look.

2. My kids left me with a pooch as a reminder that I carried them for 9 months. Whaaaaa!

There are several options to get the attention where you want it like a great structured jacket, a blouse with shape (dart, etc.), avoiding tubes or an a-line dress that’s fitted at the waist. Don’t be afraid of shapewear either. It’s a girl’s best friend ;)

1. How do I dress so that I don’t look like my teenage daughter… or my mother? Yikes!

According to Clinton if you’re asking if your too old to be wearing something you probably need to seriously consider the likelihood that you are. Here are his 4 questions to ask:
– Does it show too much cleavage?
– Does it show too much leg?
– Does this trend involve the belly button at all?
– Is this a trend that a hooker would look at and say that’s a trend for me?

That’s it for Clinton’s Top Ten, but I’ll leave you with a few more quotes of his to brighten you day.

“You have a choice to be blah, boring or fabulous – like me.”
“Stop comparing yourself to anyone else on this planet. You are you & you are perfect.”
“You can be perfect & imperfect. Embrace your perfections.”
“You be you. You be the best version of you possible and everything else will fall into place.”

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Upcoming Trends and How to Choose What’s Right for You

So it’s taken me a little bit of time, but I’ve finally made it back to Clinton Kelly’s speech and what he had to say about trends. I’ve also got an overview of several trends forecast for this fall and how the pieces from the fall/winter 2010 lia sophia catalog can accessorize them.

First, some questions from Clinton Kelly to ask yourself before buying into a trend…

1. Does this trend show a lot of cleavage?

2. Does this trend show a lot of leg?

3. Is the navel involved at all?

4. Is this the kind of trend that a hooker would use for marketing?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, especially the last, there’s a good chance it is not the trend your looking for. The most important thing (besides not looking like a hooker) is to do a gut check on whether or not the trend is age appropriate. According to Clinton if you’re asking if you’re too old for the trend you probably are.

Clinton Kelly's ClosetMiss the first part of Clinton’s keynote? Find it here.

Now that we’ve got the rules, how about the trends themselves?

I won’t call myself an expert but I did do some research and reading on the trends being seen on the runway and forecast for this fall. I’m going to cover six of them here today.


The classic fifties look of hour glass shapes and mid-length skirts is back (thank you Mad Men). Pearls are a great accessory for this look and we have several options one being the Ryne set. It has that fifties glamour while also bringing in a modern touch with the chain layers and black pearls.


Color is in and I don’t mean pastels. Even the pale hues are rich, saturated tones. Shades of olive green are one definite favorite. Here’s an article I particularly liked on the subject.

With accessories there are a few ways to approach color.

1) Choose something that shares a tone with what you’re wearing. For example the Herb Garden necklace features several shades and finishes of green so could be versatile with several outfits.

2) Choose something that complements the color.

3) Go with metallics, they’re neutral. The Multiplicity bracelet set, for example can be worn with pretty much anything and can be mixed and matched if you want to go more towards one tonal family or the other.


Classic suiting and menswear has also been featured widely as well. Jewelry is a great way to personalize suiting whether it be keeping clean lines with something like the Identity set, going a little different like the Eclipse necklace or choosing a signature set like Jenny.


Black is back and, as we all know, black is versatile. Whether your style is cutting edge or classic, black is a great canvas for accessorizing. Bring in a touch of that color trend with the Chianti necklace, bring in the bling with the Multi-Strand Hematite necklace or go simple with Reflection.


This look shows up under a few different descriptions, but if an earthy, breezy style in your thing then you’ll love the Indian Summer bracelet and Sonora necklace with their natural stones and matte metals.


Texture is appearing in multiple forms – tweed, velvet, lace. Complement these textures without overpowering tham with simple pairings Moonlight Waltz with velvet or the Trance bracelet with lace.  Texture can also be added to an outfit through accessories like the Discotheque earrings or Gold Coast necklace.

That’s it from me for now.

Do you have a fall trend you’ve fallen in love with? Or perhaps a specific piece of jewelry that you already know is going to be your go to piece this fall?

Also – don’t forget to share your top five favorites from the new lia sophia catalog by the 14th for a chance to win in the Bling Giveaway.

2010 lia sophia conference: Clinton Kelly, The Fab 15 and more

How you dress from head to toe tells the rest of the world how you wish to be treated.
-Clinton Kelly

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the highlights of the 2010 lia sophia conference was having Clinton Kelly of TLC’s What Not To Wear as our keynote speaker. Needless to say, the welcome he received was rather, er, enthusiastic? It could without exaggeration be described as a roar of cheering and applause. He was a bit overwhelmed, but what else can you expect from 4,000 crazy jewelry ladies? ;)

Before I get on to the fashion portion of his speech, one of the things I found interesting in listening to him speak was that he told us how he ended up on What Not to Wear and how he didn’t initially think it was something that he really wanted to do. It seemed like it was just some makeover show, but he shared how he has since learned that it is about more than just changing clothes, it changes lives as well. He also shared that his inspiration is the real life working woman. I liked him before I heard him speak, but afterwards I must say my admiration has only grown.

So, the fashion portion of his speech can be broken down into 3 main sections – 4 Faux Pas, the Fab 15 and Trends. I’ll cover the first 2 in this post and then talk trends later this week.

4 Faux Pas

The United States for the most part is a hot mess.
-Clinton Kelly

1. White CrossTrainers

These are meant for the gym, not errands or anything else not work-out related. Instead some great alternatives include a great pair of boots or ballet flats, sandals (not flip flops) or a pair of fun, funky non-athletic sneakers.

2. Mom Jeans

Just say no. While shopping to replace any mom jeans you may be hanging onto keep in mind that the average woman on What Not to Wear tries on 20 pairs of jeans before finding a pair that fits. Instead get a pair of dark wash boot cut, trouser or skinny jeans.

3. Giveaway T-shirt – “There’s a reason they’re free”

The one exemption is when you’re at the event the shirt is for, such as those glowing yellow shirts we have. We were instructed not to integrate them into our everyday wear (I wonder why…). Instead go with a simple cotton blouse. Just like the jeans it probably won’t be the first one you pull off of the rack.

4. Hoodie

Fellow hoodie lovers I totally feel you on this one, but we must admit that the simple structure jacket that Clinton recommends instead is both more attractive and makes us look more put together. Besides, it’s a great way to accentuate the good in our figures and disguise some of those places we’d rather not focus on.

Now let’s take a look in Clinton’s closet…

Clinton Kelly's Closet

The Fab 15

1. A great pair of boots

There are a wide variety out there. You may decide you have to have more than one pair.

2. Ballet Flats

Great for errands and adding a splash of color to an outfit.

3. Sandals

As in actual sandals, not flip flops.

4. Dark wash jeans

This is a recurring theme. If you don’t have them get a pair.

5. Cotton Blouses

‘Blouses are not fancy, they are a fancy name for a woman’s shirt.’

6. Jackets

To replace those hoodies you’ve worn to bits

7. A trench coat

Also lots of styles available from a traditional camel to something bright and funky.

8. Cardigans

Aren’t just for twin sets. There are a lot of great cardigans out there just waiting to brighten up your wardrobe.

9. A little black dress

This should pull double duty going from day to evening with just a change of accessories.

10. A day dress

This is the simplest thing a woman can pull on in the morning and microfiber is a great option for a day dress.

11. A colored cocktail dress

That’s right. A dress for going out that isn’t black.

12. A pencil skirt

Or four. Wait, that’s my closet. These are a flattering basic to build on, just make sure not to get one that is too long or a mini.

13. Walking shorts

Because Daisy Dukes probably aren’t sending the message you want to put out there.

14. Killer heels

Platform heels are a great option. As Clinton said, they’re like training wheels for the uninitiated.

15. A day bag and metallic clutch

With the day bag you can go classic or pick a color that pops, while the clutches are great in bronze or gunmetal which both go with a wide variety of options.


And can you guess what Clinton said was the #1 must have for every woman’s wardrobe?

A professional bra-fitting

If you’ve never had the girl’s professionally fitted you can get it done for free by a trained professional at most local department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s. You may be surprised at what you find out, especially since the majority of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. Not only will the girls appreciate your consideration, but the right bra can make a world of difference. After that, visit the denim area and make sure you’ve got a pair of nice fitting dark wash jeans.

Want this list to go? Here’s a single page overview of Clinton’s Fabulous 15 you can download.

For more from Clinton come back later this week to catch my last conference post on upcoming trends or find him in any of the following places:

His book, Freakin’ Fabulous

TLC’s What Not to Wear


And, now on Facebook!