5 Things I Love – Nov 15

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1. French Press Coffee

Ever since changing jobs I have developed a bit of a coffee addiction. One cup a day and I’m good, but without it… well, it becomes very obvious that my brain doesn’t wake up until 10am. I blame this addiction in part on my office and in part on being my first ‘desk’ job. I’m still not used to this being in one place all day thing. Anyway, a few weeks ago we got a french press and not only does the coffee taste better, but when it comes time to make a new pot there is a certain joy in the simple ceremony of bringing it together.

2. YSL’s Dark Olive Muse Two Bag

So it’s way out of my price range, but I can still drool, right?

3. World Usability Day

Really, I love any opportunity to meet up with my UX/ID friends IRL. The actual sessions that day were pretty awesome as well. Be on the lookout for a re-cap post later this week.

4. Old Family Photos

A personal project that I am currently working on necessitated my going through five boxes of photos at my parent’s house yesterday and it ended up being a very fun journey through our family history. There’s no real order to the boxes so I’d open one sleeve of pictures to find photos from our Wales in trip in ’01 and then the next sleeve would be full of baby pictures. I told my mom she needs to scan some more of them in for a truly entertaining family photo album on Facebook.

5. Sporks

Sporks came up specifically because TechSmith was giving away titanium sporks as a part of the promotion for their new Snagit for Mac, but really sporks are just amusing. While we have no sporks here to give away, they have worked their way into our office shenanigans (see the vampire spork incident) and I expect that given time they will pop up again.

Coffee Cup Shenanigans

Yesterday was in many ways the epitome of a Friday.As such, it really should be no surprise that mischief worked it’s way into our work flow.

It started fairly innocently. Lisa (@firstcrusader) had traversed the building to join me for lunch in the communal cubicle my development team refers to as the ‘war room’.  We were discussing how it was so odd not having my manager around the last few days and the various semi-plottings that had been discussed if he didn’t return soon.

Ambitious as one can be on a Friday, we chose not to move his entire desk, but instead took the most important component in the absence of his macbook – his coffee cup. We even got executive approval from our VP. I know there are many, many jokes and cartoons about software developers and their caffeine needs. We fulfill the majority of them without shame. Anyway, on to the caper as it unfolded…

Subject: Oh No!

Over lunch today Lisa and I made a discovery we felt we should appraise you of. Your mug appears to have been kidnapped in your absence. Since you’re not in we’re going to investigate and will keep you appraised of the situation.


Oh No!

Subject: The Ransom Note

It’s confirmed. We’ve found an image of the mug with a ransom note.

The Ransom Note

Subject: On the Trail

We started in the obvious place to hide a coffee cup and just missed the perpetrator, but he left an image behind.
On the Trail

Subject: Silence of the Ducks

Heading around the corner it appears the kidnapper stopped in new biz, but the duck’s bills were sealed.
Silence of the Ducks

Subject: The Dark Side

Have we found the kidnapper?!? Darth Tater was obviously in on the scheme, but could not give us any further leads on the mug’s location.
The Dark Side

Subject: A Rescue Attempt

It appears that Trevor stumbled upon your mug, but the perpetrator got away before he realized that a crime was in progress.
A Rescue Attempt

Subject: An Empty Line

Heading back to the other side of the building in search of clues, we noticed a coaster on the table with this underneath it.
An Empty Line

Subject: Snack Attack

Perhaps Ron saw something while he was working on the vending machines?
Snack Attack

Subject: Sweet Disguise

Since we weren’t having any luck on the east side of the building we headed into the warehouse and found this.
Sweet Disguise

Subject: A Strange New Place

Cherubs? What?!? We didn’t know either.

A Strange New Place

Subject: Filing a Report

We were going to report this theft to Thor, but he was at lunch. While in scoring we found the kidnapper had been there as well.
Filing a Report

Subject: Lobbying

It’s too bad Jackie C. in on vacation. She may have caught the kidnapper otherwise.

Subject: Another Kidnapping?!?!?

When we stopped to ask Donald if he’d seen anything we found evidence of another kidnapping! Being so involved in our investigation we turned it over to Donald, but perhaps the two incidents are tied together…
Another Kidnapping ?!?!?

Subject: A Clue!

Could this be a clue to the kidnapper’s identity?
A Clue!

Subject: A Little Relaxation

Due to good behavior it appears they allowed the mug to bask in the afternoon humidity.
A Little Relaxation

Subject: Foiled!

There was an escape attempt but it couldn’t reach the pedals.


Subject: Camouflage

It tried to hide but…

Subject: Intimidation

In order to keep it in line they’ve moved on to intimidation efforts

Subject: Hiding the Evidence

It appears they tried to get rid of the evidence, but when we looked closer it was just another picture (and a blurry one at that).
Hiding the Evidence

Subject: Captured!

We finally caught them! It turns out these people weren’t just mug thieves, they were identity thieves as well! How dare they impersonate us, the good detectives!

Subject: Back at Work

Back safely in it’s home environment.
Back at Work

Subject: Have a Great Weekend!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip. We miss you, so have a great weekend and feel better soon!

And we hope that you have enjoyed the Coffee Cup Caper as well! Have a great day :)