5 Things I Love – Sept 6

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Retro Owls

I’ve been seeing them all over the place – material at the fabric store, decorating hobo bags, Etsy finds – and I must admit I’m quite enamored of them. Check out these rainbow hued ceramic fellows or these fluffy friends by hilary cosgrove. Winston & Squeak break the mold a bit, but they also make smile every time I see them ;)

2. Temptations by Jello

I gave in. The French Silk was on sale and my mom has been talking about freezing yoplait whips then eating them like ice cream… so, I gave in. I bought them. I froze them. I ate them like ice cream. Now I’m hooked.

3. Glitch

Back over a year & a half ago I first heard about this new massive multi-player online game called Glitch during a web conference and was so intrigued I jumped at the chance to join the testing group, which I was able to do last winter during the alpha test. The world has grown A LOT since then, moved from to beta and I’m still loving it so it only seemed right that it finally make it’s way on here. Look for a post with screenshots and more soon…

4. Mr. Men & Little Miss

These cartoons and books were a favorite of mine when I was little so I was stoked to see them return. I may just have to stock up on them for my hypothetical future children to make sure they can enjoy them too.

5. Belize Necklace

I knew that I liked this necklace and that it was much prettier in person after seeing at the lia sophia conference this summer, but now that I own it I’ve moved from like to love. Paired with the Cyclone hoops it makes a fabulous copper statement which I personally am greatly enjoying.

Life Lessons from Final Fantasy VII

Last week was a very full, mostly sleep-deprived week. Thusly, those posts that I had made notations about which required any sort of deep consideration or research… yeah, they didn’t happen. In due time they will appear, but this weekend was a brain dead recovery kind of weekend. I really did get some things done before bonding with my game controller. I promise I did.

So, about 10 years ago (man, that makes me feel old) my Final Fantasy VII game got way laid by life and I have faithfully carried it along with me all that time thinking I would come back and finish it. When the time came a few months ago that I realized I might actually be able to play video games again I dusted it off and decided to start from scratch, then promptly found myself in rehearsal for 4 months.

This weekend we reunited once more and as I searched for Aeris in the Forgotten Capital and later scaled the Northern Crater there were several parallels between game life and real life that popped out to me.

Rest is the best and cheapest form of healing.

Just as a little rest can make a world of difference for your character’s hit and magical points, so it can in real life. When I look back at the worst colds, flues, etc. that I have had one common factor has been that they’ve taken me down in times where I was already worn out. Rest is essential to our bodies. It doesn’t just help keep our immune systems strong, but also keeps our brains fresh and impacts every other system in the body as well.

Treasure is usually off the beaten path.

Or – Just because you can see something doesn’t mean it won’t take effort to get there.

I am one of those players who check every chest and search out every treasure box, so I’m very familiar with the winding paths it sometimes takes to reach these treasures. Some are fairly simple. Take a short jaunt up that path and – Alakazam! – there it is for the plucking. Others taunt you as you go round and round searching for the way to reach them. With those half the prize is finally opening it.

Dreams and goals can be the same way. One goal I had for this past weekend was to clean out one of my inboxes. It wasn’t a complicated task. I just had to sit down and do it. An hour or two made a huge difference.

On the other hand, long term goals take time, perseverance and oftentimes lead us down paths we never would have guessed at the beginning. To be cliché, though, the journey is as important as the destination. If our dreams were handed to us in beribboned boxes before the journey even started would we really appreciate them as we would otherwise?

The best friends stick with you.

There are a lot of different kinds of friends. In the game world you’ve got a group of friends who are attempting to complete this big mission. There are betrayals and sacrifices and through it all they find out what they really mean to each other. This is true in real life as well.

There may not be a meteor threatening to destroy the planet, but we all face trials and through them we learn about each other. We either grow in recognizing that true friendship or realize that perhaps acquaintances in all we have in store for the future.

On a more random note, this reminds me of a podcast with Felicia Day that I listened to last week in which they were discussing regular friends versus airport friends. Who would you actually be willing to ask to drive you to airport? I had never thought about it before, but it is something of a distinction.

Your obstacles won’t get any easier with time, but if you stay on the right path you’ll be strong enough to overcome them.

Since Final Fantasy VII is a role playing game with this big world map there are times where you may become temporarily misplaced. Sometimes this means monsters who are a bit too strong for your abilities and you either die or escape with the skin of your teeth. Either way, you leave and don’t come back till you’re prepared to face it (unless you’re a masochist). By the time you make it back those monsters aren’t the challenge they were before.

When I look at my life now versus when I was in high school or even college I can see the things that I went through and learned that have prepared me to face the challenges of my life now. There are moments that I felt overwhelmed and there are things I would certainly do differently if faced with that choice again, but I am stronger for them and they made me who I am today.

Save points mean you’re headed in the right direction.

Anytime a big boss or plot point coming up there is a save point ready and waiting. True, it’s there in case you die, but it’s also a validation that you’re on the right path. We don’t have save points in real life, but there are moments in time that provide that same reassurance. Maybe its person you meet or an event you participate in. It can be as simple as a prayer or even a tweet, but it’s there for you to look back to when those obstacles arise that make you question, even briefly, the direction you’re headed.

That’s it for today. Those other thought-consuming, possibly controversial subjects I’ve been avoiding finishing will be coming soon. Also, be on the look out for some additions to the site pages and such in the near future. They will be arriving soon J