5 Things I Love – Aug 8

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1. Nintendo Cartridge Clocks

Nostalgia meets utility in these re-purposed bits of childhood memories. Of course, choosing your game may be as difficult as beating that final level was back when Nintendo was the latest and greatest in technology ;)

2. Sara Bareilles Kaleidoscope Heart

I may have mentioned ‘King of Anything’ in a previous post, but really I love the whole album. It’s got a great jazzy feel and lyrics that surprise you from time to time. I enjoy the inclusion of songs that are just bit different like ‘Not Alone’ with it’s darker, more bluesy tone.

3. Raspberry Pretzel Cheesecake Fudge

Yes, this oh so succulent item does exist. I came across it while at Cabelas this past weekend and one bite had me hooked. I don’t know who thought of it, but the layers of raspberry syrup, salty pretzels and cheesecake fudge are scrumptious.

4. Porcelain Berry Basket

I suppose it only makes sense with my love of fresh food from the farmer’s market that I would have an affinity for these basket/dishes. They’re simple, fun, functional and the artist makes them in several glazes for those who may want something a little off from white.

5. Chick-fil-a

Considering that this was listed among my top want-to-dos for my fam’s trip down to Pennsylvania this past weekend, it just seemed wrong not to include Chick-fil-a on the list today. We don’t have any in Michigan, but my friends got my hooked in college and now it’s only rarely (usually on trips to visit my brother) that I get the opportunity to enjoy one of their original chicken sandwiches, waffles fries and a sweet carrot & raisin salad.


The Arms of My Father

image of the band from an evening performance at Union University

A few days ago, one of my friends happened to mention in a tweet that he was listening to his old band – Hope Dialect (previously Greenwood) – on Grooveshark.

I was stoked.

I would not be surprised if many of you, my fair readers, are not acquainted with them despite their having played with a few better known bands (like The Plain White Ts). It was a very sad day when I found out that they were breaking up. This was not just because they’re friends, but because I truly enjoyed their music. In fact, if ever I actually pursued some sort of music performance career I would totally contact Art and ask him to write something for me.

I am willing to admit to a bias. After all, they’re both friends and fellow alumni of my alma mater. They are also the ones who showed me that I love the electric violin. Not only does it sound awesome, but it looks awesome too.

So, since I’m on this total nostalgic-remind-myself-of-the-wonders-of-greenwood kick I thought I’d share one of their songs on here. Unfortunately since I haven’t made the switch to my own domain yet, this link will actually open it up in Grooveshark. Just thought I’d warn you.

Arms of My Father (on Grooveshark)

The Arms of My Father

Broken arms of quiet stillness tend to cover me
Banished echoes of my soul
Careful polish makes the edges seem much sharper
But the rust inside still makes me cold
As I scream…

Father free me from the questions I am asking
Nothing new beneath the sun
What is freedom, what is purpose, what is real?
The cries of a heart undone

The dirt beneath my fingers reminds me of my searching
I’m only living breath by breath
A time to cry, a time to heal, a time to lift my eyes once more
Another hit of crystal meth

But you said nothing can tear me away from the arms of my father…
Nothing can tear me away from the arms of my father

She sits inside a wooden box of her devising
Bangs her head against a wall
Waiting for a knight in shining armor who isn’t coming
Softly damns her crystal ball
As she screams…

Father free me from the questions I am asking
Nothing new beneath the sun
What is freedom, what is purpose, what is real?
The cries of a heart undone

He’s broken in his body, heart and mind
Why did he try so hard?
It only took five minutes for his dreams to fall to pieces
Alone in a construction yard.

But you said nothing can tear me away…
Nothing can tear me away
Not angels, nor demons, nor death, nor life,
Not papers, nor stalemates, not the blood on the knife.
Not the height of the mountain, the depths of the sea,
Not you or your arguments, not even me..
Nothing can tear me away…
From the arms of my father

Though you rest in peace, Greenwood/Hope Dialect, I am glad to hear that your music lives on.

PS – You can find them on Pandora too.