5 Things I Love – April 4

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1. Pound for Pound Challenge

I love the this program because it combines reaching personal goals with meeting the needs of local communities. Sure that 15 lbs I pledged (and lost) last year isn’t going to make huge dent in the recurring issues with shortages in food banks, but my pledge combined with others in my community can help make a difference AND if you’re not looking to lose weight you can sign up to maintain your current weight which counts as 5 lbs.

2. Starburst Jelly Beans

When it comes to jelly beans all are not created equal. Jelly Belly is, of course, lovely, but for more general jelly bean purchasing Starburst jelly beans are a great taste at a cheaper price. They come in three varieties – original, sour & tropical – all of which are tasty.

3. Interaction11 Videos

I know I am not alone in being excited that these are all now online. Now, not only can those who weren’t able to make it see the sessions, but those of us who were there can see the ones that we missed as well as refresh our memories on the ones we did attend. Of course, if you’re not sure what IxD (Interaction Design) is, Carl Alvani’s talk will assure you that you are not alone.

4. Glo-lite candles

The summer Partylite catalog started this past week and with it came a new style of candle which refracts light through the wax to create an all-over glow effect.

5. Dance Central for Kinect with Xbox 360

While I did get a chance to play with the Kinect a little bit back at Interaction11, it was only this past Friday that I had an opportunity to try out Dance Central and it was enough fun that it brought to fore once more the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 debate for my next console purchase. True, if you think too hard you may feel a bit silly, but once everyone else has had a t

The Scents of Summer 2011

With the release of the new Partylite Summer Catalog just days away, here are the new scents that you can expect to find for the sunny days ahead.

Berry Blast
Fruits & Citrus
Bursting with sweetness, this fruit medley layers summer’s juiciest red berries with tropical notes of fresh-cut papaya and kiwi. It’s a mouthwatering berry explosion!

Lime Twist
Fruits & Citrus
The vibrant scent of zesty, tangy limes is instantly refreshing. Let the crisp, citrusy air cool your hot summer days… and nights.

Orange Zest
Fruits & Citrus
This sophisticated orange fragrance mingles the bold freshness of just-peeled oranges with subtle floral notes. Captures the essence of bright, sunshiny morning.

Citrus Bloom Citronella
Herbal & Woodsy
Citronella oil from fragrant Asian grasses combines with the tangy scent of citrus blossoms for an air of freshness. Bring the party indoors!

Geranium Citronella
Herbal & Woodsy
Sweet geranium brings a light floral touch to the favorite woodsy notes of lemony citronella. Quite possibly the perfect summertime scent.

Check out the new Summer catalog additions online
on April 1st.

5 Things I Love – Mar 21

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1. ‘Nerd’ Smurf Tee

I came across this while searching for some Despicable Me minions for my brother and not only is it reminiscent of my childhood, but it calls to my inner nerd and has a lovely retro appeal.

2. Lazy Saturdays

Sleeping in. Reading. Lazing about on the couch. Sun shining through the skylights. There is something to be said for a day of non-industriousness, especially after a packed month, and its impact on mental health (even if it means I never got that other post I wrote last week published…).

3. Fage Yogurt

Last year when I really started keeping a food diary and really, really reading labels I decided to make the switch from regular yogurt to Greek (have you seen the amount of sugar in a regular yoplait?) and a friend recommended this brand to me. They’re a little more expensive than some of the newer players on the market, but it shows in the taste difference. So catch them on sale and try out a flavor. I’m particularly loving the new Fage 0% Cherry Pomegranate combo. Healthy and tasty is always good.

4. iBooks

During my lazy Saturday, part of my reading was made possible by this lovely app and my ipod. While the majority of books that I know I want to read aren’t in the free section, they do have some great reads for free as well as paid.

5. Summer Partylite Catalog

Due to the loving sharingfulness of my friend and sponsor in Partylite, I got some of the new catalogs for Summer 2011 this weekend and am loving the bright lime, orange and pink dominant in the book. More on that to come ;)

Super Special March Deals

There are some interesting things going on with Partylite and lia sophia in specials this month, so I thought I’d do a quick post to talk about them.

lia sophia

$100, Get 1 for $15 Special

This month lia sophia is trying something new this month. For the first time guests who spend $100 can get any item up to $100 in the catalog (regular & Kiam) for $15.

Also, hostesses in March can take advantage of this special in addition to all of their usual hostess benefits, no $100 purchase required.


Free Tealights

This is a non-party only special available through March 16th. When you place an order of $40 or more online you get 1 dozen tealights free.

This special can be combined with the Internet specials and the spend $50 get 1 item at 1/2 price that are also going online.

Product Rating and Review Sweepstakes

Partylite has just introduced product ratings & reviews. In honor of this they are giving away a $200 gift certificate to one lucky reviewer who writes a review during the month of March.

Fragrance of the Month

Lastly, this is the third month of the fragrance of the month special. This month’s fragrance is Cherry Blossom, so all Cherry Blossom candles and oils are 25% off.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big fan of Grosgrain the blog and she has got a couple of fab giveaways going on right now. Here’s the info:

House 8810 $60 Gift Card Giveaway

Great retro houseware, decor and more. As House 8810’s site says, make your roost rock.

Sizzix Big Shot Giveaway

If you’re a fan of do it yourselfing like myself, this machine looks like a great addition to the do it yourself toolkit. I can think of many things to make and do with it, but I’m sharing it with you all anyway.

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief foray into the world of specials and giveaways ;)

5 Things I Love – Jan 10

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

Last week I focused on lia sophia, so it is only right that this week I do my 5 favorite pieces from the new Winter/Spring 2011 Partylite catalog.

1. Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

OMG I want this whole set. Blame that trip to Japan when I was 17 if you want, but I adore cherry blossoms. I don’t know where it’s going, but I will have this before the catalog departs at the end of July.

2. Amethyst Tealight Holder

The Amethyst Hurricane was part of what got me selling Partylite in the first place, so it should be no surprise that I love the tealight holders as well. They’re also a great piece for my friends who love the amethyst but are afraid to get the hurricane due to furry friends.

3. Bamboo Stackable Votive Holders

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the girl who loves cherry blossoms also has a thing for bamboo (though not quite as strongly). Add to that versatility and you’ve got a win.

4. Contempo Reed Diffuser & Tealight Holder

My mother saw these and pegged me immediately (the same with the cherry blossoms and bamboo… she knows me well). Not only do they have a modern funk going for them, but the turquoise, lime and white options are all colors I love too.

5. Enchanted Prince Scent Glow Warmer

This was one of the first pieces I saw for the new catalog way back last fall and he is so incredibly adorable. They say you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince – do you think he counts?


Looking for the fragrances? Find them here.

The Scents of Spring: Partylite Winter/Spring 2011 Fragrances

Image for the Forbidden Fruit line representing it's sultry mystery taken from the 2011 Winter Spring Partylite Catalog

Just a little over a week ago the latest Partylite catalog went live including 3 new collections. Technically this new catalog is the Partylite Winter/Spring 2011 collection, but the new fragrances scream spring to me with their fruits and florals. You can see for yourself with this overview of the new and returning Partylite fragrances for this Winter/Spring season.

Forbidden Fruits

Indulge your fragrance fantasies with Forbidden Fruits…

Apple Allure
Fruits & Citrus
Juicy apple is mingled with sparkling fruits, flirtatious florals and provocative musk. As tempting as the fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Fig Fatale
Fruits & Citrus
This irresistible blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla is deliciously rich. Fall under fig’s captivating spell.

Passion Fruit
Fruits & Citrus
An exotic and effervescent blend of sun-ripened passion fruit, wild island berries and sparkling champagne. Its luscious ripe scent arouses the senses.

Perfect Pear
Fruits & Citrus
Anjou pear and crisp delicious apple are layered with creamy vanilla and juicy red berries in this succulent fragrance. Creates an exciting, stirring sensation.

Plum Pleasure
Fruits & Citrus
Sweet, plump plums, black cherries and red raspberries are warmed with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. Give in to your passion.

Natural Rituals

Herbal & Woodsy
A naturally soothing union of comforting lavender and peace inducing rosemary. Positively quiets the mind and relaxes the soul.

Fruits & Citrus
Stimulating blend of sparkling grapefruit, eye-opening citrus and refreshing mint is enhanced with natural spearmint. Feel recharged and ready to go.

Herbal & Woodsy
An inspiring potpourri of warm sandalwood, soothing eucalyptus and calming geranium unfolds with nuances of lemon and herbs. Sets the stage for a peaceful, contemplative journey.

Fruits & Citrus
Spicy ginger pairs with the vibrant notes of refreshing lemongrass and zesty lemon for a lively air. It’s the perfect way to awaken your senses.


Mesmerizes with its sumptuous blend of cinnamon-warmed citrus and precious florals, touched with notes of amber, creamy vanilla, musk and patchouli. Wraps your room in a comforting, plush embrace.

A luxurious fusion of sparkling mandarin, crisp apple and fresh floral notes, softened with hints of vanilla and sandalwood. Fills your home with an aura of modern sophistication.

Herbal & Woodsy
An alluring blend of rare herbs and citrus, mingled with sultry spices, black pepper, amber, cedarwood and musk. Dramatic and rich, it exudes an exotic, almost mysterious air.

The rest of the new additions…

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossoms are delicately blended with jasmine, freesia and a whisper of fruit for a romantic, dewy fragrance. As fresh as a new spring day.

Dulche De Leche
Edible & Spicy
Sweetened milk is slowly simmered to create this rich caramel confection that is enjoyed all over the world. Creamy, decadent…just plain irresistible.

Sea Salt & Driftwood
Fresh & Clean
The scent of salty air blends with watery notes and warm driftwood for a clean and calming fragrance. Like a shower of sea spray, gently misting the coastal air.

White Lily
The pure, soft scents of jasmine, ylang and rose are entwined with hints of bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood for added richness. It’s a soft, tender air that’s just right for the warmer seasons.

Wild Rose
A romantic bouquet of rose petals enhanced with fruit and floral notes and a touch of musk. Captures the scent of wild roses in full, glorious bloom.

And for those whose noses remember the scents of the past (& those who don’t as well), here are the fragrances that will be returning this winter…

10 Limited Edition Classics

Fruits & Citrus
Harmonious blend of crisp citrus notes with floral and green notes. Brings a zesty freshness to your rooms.

Fruits & Citrus
Favorite grape scent warmed by vanilla is kept fresh by the presence of light fruit and floral notes. Be transported to a vineyard at harvest time.

Black Cherry
Fruits & Citrus
Intense fruity fragrance delivers the full-bodied sweetness of black cherries. Takes you to an orchard where they are found in abundance.

Teakwood & Cardamom
Herbal & Woodsy
Woody blend of sandalwood and patchouli combines with the warming notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Enchants with an earthy, exotic flair.

Coconut Cove
Fruits & Citrus
A true coconut fragrance with just a touch of fruity flavor and musk. Fresh from the shores of a tropical beach.

Cedar Patchouli
Herbal & Woodsy
Earthy aromatics cedar blends with the sensual notes of patchouli and florals. Like standing in a freshly-cut clearing deep in the woods.

A light, breezy bouquet of old-fashioned flowers gathered in Grandma’s backyard.

Caramel Pear Brulee
Edible & Spicy
A buttery, caramel treat bubbling with juicy pear notes soaked in the warmth of brandy. Indulge in the richness.

Amber Dream
Herbal & Woodsy
An alluring blend of rich sandalwood, amber and musk is lightened by a touch of pine and florals. Draws you in with its warm sensual notes.

Fruits & Citrus
A medley of watery accents and white grapes surrounds a juicy heart of raspberry in this classic fragrance. Naturally uplifting and refreshing.

Seasonal favorites beyond the 10…

Fruits & Citrus

Mango Tangerine
Island Nectar


Apricot Daisy

Edible & Spicy

Icing on the Cake

Fresh & Clean

Ocean Mist

And lastly…

Departing on December 31, 2010

These are the fragrances that will be leaving us as of midnight this Friday

Fruits & Citrus

Iced Snowberries
Tangelo Mojito
Acai Berry Mist
Cranberry Delight
Sugar Plum Fairies


Peace on Earth

Edible & Spicy

Cinnamon Eggnog
Holiday Spices
Hocus Pocus
Leaves of Fun
Halloween Night
Spiced Cider
Cinnamon & Bayberry
Peppermint Bark
Cinnamon Sticks

Herbal & Woodsy

Spruce in the Snow
Tamboti Safari (check out Tamboti in the Signature Fragrances)

Fresh & Clean

Arctic Ocean

Have a question about a fragrance? Wondering if your favorite one stuck around? Feel free to ask below or via email :)

A Review in Brief

I know it. I’ve been a bad, bad blogger these past couple of weeks. I promise, my lack of posting is not because of a lack of things to write on but instead due to an excess of things to do. So what exactly has been going on? I’ll give you an overview of the major events.


Two weeks ago, the 14th, I attended a management seminar for lia sophia at which one of the wonderful folks from home office spoke.


On the 16th I traversed in the opposite direction to Okemos (just outside of Lansing) to attend IxDA Lansing’s kick-off event where we heard Dan Klyn speak on Information Architecture. IxDA, by the by, stands for Interaction Designer’s Association. The Lansing chapter is the first in Michigan.


The next morning, the 17th, I received word that my grandmother passed away. I left work early and headed down to my parents to be with and support my mom.

I was supposed to volunteer at Bluesfest the next day, but they understood why I was not going to make it. I headed home late the 19th.


The 20th was the popcorn kick-off for Pack 89, which I almost forgot about, and I met my Webelos den for the first time. I also caught the season premiere of Chuck. This is of note because my TV doesn’t actually get channels, so I had to go to the gym to catch it.


The 21st I received word that I would be in Detroit on Thursday and Friday as an extra for Transformers 3. I also came to the realization that I was on the verge of a panic attack due to the added stress from my grandmother’s death and the rest of the family traveling to Louisiana for her memorial service on the 22nd. I’m generally a pretty mellow person, passionate yes, but fairly calm, so it was a very strange feeling for me.


Because of all of this I took my office up on a bereavement day on the 22nd. I slept in, de-stressed and pulled together all of the materials for the Art Walk I was supposed to participate in on Friday, but would now be in Detroit for and was being covered for me by my good friend Holly.

I also attended the concert of my friends and fellow Union University alumi, Scratch Track, otherwise known as DJ Lee and Jason Hamlin. Since we hadn’t seen each other in person in 5 years, we hung out at Blackstone’s in Flint after the show. Where I met several of their other friends, family and a new band member, Danny.


I spent the night at my parent’s place since it’s closer to Detroit and hung out with my furry siblings, Buddy and Missy, who were feeling very deprived in my parent’s absence then headed down to Detroit. I signed a non-disclosure agreement as an extra so I can’t really say much beyond that it was very cool and I met some awesome peeps.


On a massive three hours of sleep I headed back the next morning then proceeded to do a lot of running. After we finished up for the night (about 14 hours later) I hung out with several of the stunt crew and another extra at The Town Pump, the Centaur and another place that I didn’t catch the name of but is supposed to have great Chicken Shwarma in downtown Detroit. By the time I got home it was about 3 am. I had a lot of caffeine that day.


Theoretically, I could have gotten online on Saturday, but instead I slept. My bed and I were very close this past weekend. We’d missed each other. The only things I got up for were hanging out with Holly to eat junk food/watch Whip It and go to church. I meant to get an oil change, but then I recalled I live in a small semi-rural town where most oil change places are open on Sunday.


So, that’s been my last week and a half or so. I also have started working on Indigo Dreams Design, a site in progress for my photography, handmade jewelry, etc. It’s far from done, but I’ve made some progress with it. Feel free to stop in, just keep in mind that there’s still a lot of missing beams and dust in that construction.

Blast, before I forget (again and this is why I’ve been such a very, very bad blogger), the lovely and talented Mrs. Humble over at Not So Humble Pie was kind enough to share my Tiramisu Brain and a school of fish cookies I made for my brother’s birthday in her Science Cookie Roundup #7.

Thank you, Mrs. Humble!

Tonight is the Fall Showcase for lia sophia and Partylite at Guido’s Coffee Lounge. If you live in the area feel free to stop by, check things out and chill for a bit. There’s more information in this post. After that maybe things will calm down a bit. We’ll see.

Fall Showcase

Next week I’ll be having a Fall Showcase for lia sophia and Partylite at a local coffee shop. If you’re in the area I’d love to have you stop in to browse the Fall/Winter lia sophia & Partylite collections as well as enter for a chance to win a great doorprize!

Here are the details:

Fall Showcase
5-9 pm
September 28th
Guido’s Coffee Lounge
Woodard Station Lofts

This is a great chance to get some of your holiday shopping done with our awesome September specials!

lia sophia is offering buy 2, get 4 more expensive items at 1/2 price! Here’s an example.

Partylite has a variety of items at 76% off, plus special pricing for multiple dozen orders of candles and 1/2 off any item with a $40 order.

All orders placed at the event will receive 10% off their total.

I am extending this to the online shows (lia sophia/Partylite) as long as the orders are placed prior to the 28th. The hostess name is ‘Fall Showcase’. If you’re ordering online I will do this manually before finalizing the order. It will not show in your automated total.

Questions? Feel free to drop me an email or ask below.

Holidays are in the Air: New Partylite Scents

Holidays? Already? Yep, I had the same thought (not that I haven’t already started Christmas shopping). The holidays may seem far away with the whole 90+ and humidity thing going on outside, but Halloween is coming in only 11.5 weeks. After that the holidays just keep piling up until after New Year’s. Don’t panic. There’s still plenty of time to get that pre-holiday to do list done.

All that to say that with all the blinging going on with lia sophia I’ve been remiss in sharing anything from the new Partylite catalogs. Now, I know that there are lots of new beautiful and whimsical home decor pieces in the Halloween and Holiday/Winter catalogs, but it’s really all about the new fragrances. There are nine new scents and seven favorites that have been brought back.

New Scents

Sugar Plum Fairies

Juicy plums, melons and peaches combine with floral notes for a magical aroma. Fulfills the wish for a sophisticated treat.

Peace on Earth

Heavenly fantasy floral blends jasmine and rose with a hint of spice and subtle woodsy notes. Share a feeling of hope and harmony.

Cinnamon Eggnog

Decadent eggnog is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla for a traditional, mouthwatering treat that makes holiday celebrations feel complete.

Leaves of Fun

Rich pumpkin fills the crisp air, laced with hints of cinnamon, mandarin and pine. Takes you to a pumpkin patch, falling leaves and all.


Steaming gingerbread, flavored with a dash of cinnamon and ginger, stirs up memories of a favorite holiday sweet.

Spiced Cider

Apple cider simmer slowly spiced with comforting touches of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a cool autumn day.

Spruce in the Snow

All the freshness of spruce, fir, cypress and pine, coated in a blanket of snow. Takes you to the calm and quiet of the winter woods.

Ebony Wood & Patchouli

The rich scent of Asian ebony wood mingles with musky patchouli for an exotic appeal. It’s a bit of the Orient, right at home.

Arctic Oasis

An invigorating spalsh of cool mint, floral and green note mingled with hints of pine and musk. Delivers the refreshingly pure scent of Arctic ice.

They’re Back!

Iced Snowberries

Sweet berries, apples and fruits are kept crisp by winter’s icy air while a dusting of vanilla and musk adds warmth. It’s the best of both worlds.

Cranberry Delight

A rich, fruity mix of cranberries, citrus and black currants is laced with warm vanilla for added sweetness. Creates an air of festivity.

Holiday Spices

A simmering blend of vanilla, connamon and cloves wraps your home in a cozy, warm embrace.

Hocus Pocus

Back by popular demand!

Coconut and praline add an unexpected twist to this mysterious blend of sugar, berries, grapefruit and floral notes. It’s a magical Halloween surprise.

Ginger Pumpkin

The right touch of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon creates the inviting aroma of freshly-baked pumpkin delight.

Halloween Night

Rich butterscotch, vanilla and spices are slowly stirred into a batch of warm, sugary caramel. It’s a gooey, creamy sinfully sweet treat.

Spiced Plum

Back by popular demand!

Rich, succulent plums and pomegranates spiced with cinnamon, clove and vanilla. Delivers the sweet-and-spicy sensation of a fine warmed plum cordial.

Cinnamon & Bayberry

The fiery heat of cinnamon is complemented by the crispness of bayberry. It’s as if fresh Christmas greens have been brought indoors to a spiced holiday kitchen.

Peppermint Bark

Refreshing peppermint kissed with chocolate, mint leaves and vanilla. A decadent treat.

Cinnamon Sticks

This timeless holiday aroma comforts with its familiar, spicy warmth. Almost nothing says “home sweet home” better.

All scents are available now. Check out the Partylite page for current specials.
*Descriptions are courtesy of the Fall/Holiday 2010 catalog*


What is Blingo?

Blingo is a fun afternoon of food, friends and bling. Just like in regular bingo guests will try to get 5 in a row and, if they do, they’ll get a chance to choose from great prizes including jewelry, candles and accessories. Guests will also have an opportunity to order from lia sophia and PartyLite with a portion of their purchase going to support the Owosso Community Players. However, no purchase is necessary to come and join in the fun!

Sound like fun? Admission is free so bring a friend!

Blingo will be taking place from 3-6pm on May 15th at the West Annex (114 W Main St) in downtown Owosso.

Any orders placed online with lia sophia and PartyLite will also count as a part of the fundraiser. Just enter OCP Fundraiser as the hostess. Also, any hostesses that book a lia sophia or PartyLite party off of the event before May 15th will have a portion of their sales donated to the Owosso Community Players as well.

To view a current catalog or place an online order follow the links below.

lia sophia