New Red Carpet Collection: Industrielle

Described by the company as “a combination of utilitarianism, futurism and fantasy with a revamped Victorian touch”, the Industrielle collection combines matte metals with crystal, resin and enamel into pieces that are high fashion with elements of industry and architecture seamlessly included.

Below you’ll find a brief look at this new collection, but you can find it in full on the Industrielle information sheet.


The first section of this new collection features earrings, cuff bracelets and necklaces that come in matte gold and black diamond crystals, matte silver and jet crystals and matte gold with forest green resin.

Rough Bracelet $300



These earrings and bracelets feature matte gold with black diamond crystals or matte silver with clear crystals, while the rings add in a touch of moss green enamel with the gold and jet enamel with the silver.

Beveled Bracelets $350 each


Earrings, bracelet and ring feature a stacked concentric squares in matte gold with black diamond crystals or matte silver with clear crystals.

Concentric Earrings $250



$125- $150
Though they share the same name and curved accents, these earrings are very different. One set features smoky crystals and moss green enamel in matte gold while the other combines black diamond crystals with light blue enamel in matte silver with a corresponding ring.

Silver Curvature Ring $125, Earrings $150


Gold Curvature Earrings $150



This ring and earring set features black diamond crystals in a compass pattern against a field of light blue resin set into matte silver.

Compass Earrings $175, Ring $150


Matte gold teams up black diamond crystal with moss green and tortoise resin in the necklace, earrings and bracelets of this portion of the collection.

Global Bracelet $250


With 11 pieces, this set features rings, bracelets, a necklace and earrings in matte silver with black diamond crystals along with cornflower, jet and navy as well as matte gold with smoky crystals and accents of bone, black and moss green enamel/resin.

Tier Ring $150


This statement bracelet and necklace set features cone bangles capped with crystal and enamel in matte gold with black diamond crystals and green enamel and matte silver black diamond crystals and cornflower blue enamel.

Cone Necklace $300

With this topping out at $500 for the most expensive piece, this collection is one of the more affordable Red Carpet Collections. In fact, a number of the pieces actually fall into the $75-100 range when purchased as a part of the Customer Save Plan.

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la belle rose Expands with la belle rose II

Have you read about the first la belle rose collection yet? If not, check it out here before continuing.

Back in October, lia sophia released the ever so lovely la belle rose Red Carpet Collection. Well, just a few weeks ago that collection expanded with the debut of  la belle rose II at Lounge Tzigan at Villa Pacri, NYC. Here’s the official description:

la belle rose II encompasses not only beauty and femininity, but also strength and power through daring designs that meld traditional deco, industrial and old Hollywood glamour together with a rock and roll twist.

The result is a unique collection of breathtaking baubles that are both exotic and elegant. Share your confidence and showcase your style in la belle rose II.

As you can see below, much of the collection is truly an extension of the first collection. Here’s an overview.


3 pieces – $125-350

My favorite piece in this collection is also the newest style to be introduced in the collection – Sequence. The bracelet comes in both a matte silver with jet crystals (above) and a matte copper with matte silver and clear crystals, while the earrings only come in the matte copper scheme.

Sequence Earrings - $125


2 pieces: $375 each

The Bullet portion of the collection saw two more bracelets enter it’s midst only with a twist. While the first selections featured a combination of matte metallics, these new bracelets feature a matte base accented with enamel finish and crystals. Combos include matte gold with jet enamel or matte silver with ivory enamel both accented with black diamond crystals.

Bullet Bracelet - $375


5 pieces: $125-$650

With a new button ring in matte copper with matte silver and clear crystal accents as the edition of one ring, two bracelets and a necklace in a whole new color scheme of matte silver with jet crystals, this portion of the collection saw the greatest growth.

Runway Bracelet - $275


2 pieces: $125-$200

These two went all matte silver with jet crystal accents which are a little bolder than their matte gold and black crystal friends in the la belle rose collection.

Cluster Ring - $125

Wrapped II

3 pieces: $150-$375

Wrapped II saw the addition of a matte copper finish for it’s earrings and bracelet along with an addition to the hematite finish in the form of a ring.

Wrapped II Bracelet - $375


3 pieces: $175-$700

Here too matte copper came to play with matte copper and clear crystal versions of the ring, earrings and bracelet.

Estate Bracelet - $700


1 piece: $300

Last but not least, this portion of the collection saw the addition of a bracelet featuring black onyx resin in the mix.

Marble Cuff with Black Onyx Resin - $300

That’s a wrap on the latest from lia sophia’s Red Carpet Collections. You can check out la belle rose II on it’s own or see the whole collection together.

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New Red Carpet Collection – la belle rose

inlaid enamel stretch bracelets from lia sophia's new la belle rose collection

Back in June when I wrote about attending the annual lia sophia conference, I mentioned getting a sneak peek at the new Red Carpet Collection and this week it went live, so of course my first thought… okay, second thought was that I have to share it with you all. The first thought was a certifiable case of B.S.O.S. (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome).

The new collection, la belle rose, combines matte metals with cut crystal then throws it into a mixer with Old Hollywood glamour, Art Deco and some military grunge (which has been popping up with regularity in the style world). Here’s the official description.

la belle rose encompasses not only beauty and femininity with the introduction of rose metal, but strength and power through daring designs that meld traditional deco, industrial hardware and old Hollywood glamour together.

The result is a unique collection of breathtaking baubles that are both exotic and elegant. Share your confidence and showcase your style in la belle rose.

You can view the entire collection here, but here’s a quick look at some of the styles you’ll find.



A choker, bracelet and ring that come in matte silver with either matte gold and black diamond crystals or matte copper and clear crystals.

the matter gold, silver and black diamond crystal bullet choker from lia sophia's la belle rose collection

Bullet Choker - $800



Several necklaces, bracelets, earrings and a ring, this section is also matte silver with either matte gold and black diamond crystals or matte copper and clear crystals and includes the most affordable piece in the collection at $60.

Runway Ring - $125



A bracelet and ring each in matte gold with black diamond crystals.

Cluster Linked Bracelet - $200

Wrapped II


This earring and bracelet set is one of my favorites from the collection. Black diamond, clear and jet crystals are set in either matte gold or hematite. I couldn’t pick which finish I preferred so you get both.

Wrapped II Linear Earrings - $175



Earrings, bracelet and ring all clear crystals in matte silver.


Estate Chandelier Earrings - $300



Earrings, ring and bracelets with black diamond crystals, black enamel and tortoise, lapis or black resin.

Marble Ring with Lapis Resin - $100

The Red Carpet Collections are always a bit, okay, a lot more dear on the pocketbook than the regular lia sophia line, but you can get the pieces at 1/2 off with the Customer Save Plan which makes it a little more affordable. That is especially true with the rings, which usually are in the $100-$150 range, and earrings. These hoops from the Runway set, for instance, are only $30 at 1/2 off.

Runway Hoop Earrings - $60

Of course, I’ve only seen the collection in pictures. Here’s a first hand account from the Toronto Film Festival.

Pieces from the collection can also be found in the Sept. 27 edition of Seventeen’s Runway Insider and the Oct. 11 issue of People (pg 101).


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The la belle rose II collection is now available as well.