5 Things I Love – Feb 28

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I realized this past week that I got your top five from the new lia sophia catalog and drew a winner from the contest, but I never told you my top 5 or who won. So…

Congratulations, Deanna G! I hope you are enjoying your new bit of sparkle ;)

And here are my 5 favs from the new catalog:

1. Cafe Au Lait

Forgive me as I drool… my mother will vouch for me that the moment I saw this I had to take a picture on my cell (she hadn’t gotten her catalog yet) and send it to her. I fell in love with it just that quickly.

2. Buttercup

Matte gold, bling and a vintage feel make this a definite win in my book AND it’s even cuter in person.

3. Knotted Up Bracelet

Again with the matte gold this time combined with a hammered Celtic knot pattern and at 7 1/2 inches I can actually wear it without it become a projectile weapon.

4. Bouquet

This necklace take a popular trend and gives it an almost minimalist take that gives it a versatile wearability as well as being fun and springy.

5. Contessa

I will just tell you now these earrings are long and they do have a bit of weight to them, but I love wearing them anyway. They have quickly become a go to set for me especially when I’ve got on a neckline that just isn’t conducive to necklaces or I can’t find just the right one.

Runners Up (because I can):

Paris Lights set – So gorgeously sparkly
Marina – simple but interesting
Improv – very versatile and this catalog’s Dress for Success piece
Comet – fun, flirty and perfect for spring
Reach by Paula – another versatile but trendy piece

Bling Giveaway Winner & My Top 5

Congratulations, Melissa!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Your top fives will actually help me to choose which pieces to get samples of for future shows. I do plan to do future giveaways so keep your eyes out for information on them.

Knowing how difficult it can be to narrow down to five pieces, I thought I’d share mine with you.

Alaina’s Top 5

from the Fall/Winter 2010 catalog

1. Oyster Bar (pg 16)

2. Shifting Sands (pg 21)

3. Haute Chocolate (pg 32)

4. Ensenada (pg 42)

5. Susanne (pg 70)