5 Things I Love – June 6

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1. Irish Brown Bread

Every Saturday a very nice gent from the Brighton branch of Great Harvest Bread Company comes up to our farmer’s market and tempts us all with the lovely aroma of fresh bread. Usually I am able to resist, but I actually needed bread last week and got their Irish brown bread on his recommendation. It’s amazing. I’m not usually a huge straight bread person but for this I will actually make toast in the morning.

2. Mumford & Sons’ ‘Sigh No More’

I fell in love with Mumford & Sons the first time I heard ‘Little Lion Man’ on the radio. Buying the album has just solidified this. Obviously I’m not alone since their US tour is sold out.

3. Elephant Ears

Every June Curwood festival rolls around bringing with it a mixture of trepidation, annoyance, bemusement and anticipation. The first two are easily explained by my living right in the middle of it. My parking lot becomes vendor space, loiterers abound for days before and people behave stupidly. The bemusement lies in the watching of said people. Especially when combined with the People of Curwood site, but this is supposed to be about elephant ears. Every year those vendors come bearing them and, I admit it, I can’t resist. Fried batter covered in buttery, cinnamon sugary sweetness? Yes, please. The best vendor at Curwood is the Lutheran Church’s old trailer. Not only do theirs cost $1 less than the others, but you can literally see them roll out the dough before frying it to golden brown perfection. Well worth the wait for a once a year treat.

4. Firefly

The sadly truncated TV series of course. I was in college at the time that it was airing and so only caught a few episodes at the time, but I remember well my family raving about it. A couple of years ago my brother was kind enough to gift me with the season for my birthday and now it’s a mainstay for those times when I decide to actually use my television.

5. Hatch Show Print

I was talking to one of my lia sophia ladies last night who happens to be in Nashville for the Country Music Festival, which reminded me of my favorite place to go when I’m in downtown Nashville – Hatch Show Print shop. Located right on Broadway just a few blocks north of the river, Hatch does amazing handcrafted letterpress posters and has since 1879. There’s a great 8 minute video about the shop from the Smithsonian that you can watch on YouTube.


5 Things I Love – Feb 21

image for weekly list of five things I'm currently loving in life, music, art, etc.

1.Zoya Nail Polish in Poppy

I was introduced to Zoya through a friend when a friend tweeted about their friend them on facebook & get 3 bottles of polish for the price of shipping special. How could I resist, right? Well, I love all of my colors (I also got Yummy & Austine) but Poppy has completely won me over. It’s a color I can live in. In fact, I have been.

2. Tardis Mug

I came across this on Think Geek the other day and had an automatic ‘OMG I Must Have It!’ moment. Obviously I am not alone in this since it’s currently out of stock :( If you’re a fan make sure to check out the Product Specifications for further awesomeness.

3. Stroh’s Lemon Chiffon Ice Cream

Whilst we were in Colorado there was a baby shower for one of my co-workers which was completely missed. What was not missed was the leftover ice cream in the freezer and because of this I was introduced to a new favorite flavor. Lemon Chiffon = amazing. That is that.

4. Slings & Arrows

Whilst in Boulder a new friend asked if I had ever watched this before and, upon hearing of my ignorance, recommended it. I am very glad I took his advice and checked it out this weekend over Netflix. What thespian wouldn’t appreciate a comedy focused around a Shakespeare festival and all the antics that other thespians inevitably end partaking of?

5. The IT Crowd

If Slings & Arrows appeals to my inner thespian, The IT Crowd appeals to another different type of geek within. Of course, while I may have been amused by this prior to my current job I do not think I would have appreciated the humor quite as much as I do after working for the past year embedded in the midst of developers.