Something Magic on Facebook

Hey, everyone! This is just a super quick update to let you all know that Something Magic now has it’s own page on Facebook!

Come on over, check it out and share a little facebook love ;)

lia sophia Updates and News

lia sophia's Shifting Sands necklace

Last night, upon returning from the Fall Showcase, I finally made some progress to the lia sophia section on this blog. I guess I was feeling inspired.

What’s changed?

Now, instead of one long page, the main page has general lia sophia news and information while the rest has been divided into three sub-pages.

Specials now have their own page solely devoted to the great deals you can get currently through lia sophia as a customer, hostess and new advisor.

There are two additional pages that have come into existence as well. The first one is Opportunity, which has information to help you decide if the lia sophia opportunity may be right for you. There are lots of companies who aren’t hiring right now, lia sophia isn’t one of them.

The other new page is Theme Parties. Sometimes its fun to step out of the box and do something a little different, especially if your circle of friends has gotten a bit burned out on going to yet another home show. This list is far from complete, but suggestions are always appreciated!

If there’s information that you’d like to know about lia sophia that isn’t on there, let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Now, if you’re interested in making purchases for Christmas, I have updated the Specials section to show the October special, but September’s buy 2, get 4 more expensive items at 1/2 price will still be available through this weekend (until Sunday at noon EST) by visiting and placing an order under the hostess Fall Showcase.